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  2. Beautiful car wont take long to sell her when you do mate.
  3. Early days yet Ian, BHR were the best thing since a sliced pan one time, then RR were the one and only, just my opinion but I would not buy nothing of RRP.
  4. @Aaron10 Im guessing your buying in the North when you say £££ and he has his own garage so if its Alan Woods buy away you cant go wrong and with that price provided it will get you past a MOT sounds like a great deal man Good luck with it
  5. Perfect, cheers again. Looks like I'm going tomorrow to pick this car up then! Looking forward to it
  6. It's not an exact science premixing,the way I work it is say I'm putting 50L in the car then I add roughly 60mil of premix and again if i add say 40L of petrol in the car then I add circa 50 mil of premix so in essence I'm adding 20pc more than whatever amount of petrol I fill up by. My car takes 65L of petrol so if I brim it I'll add about 80mil of premix,you get the idea...
  7. Appreciate that, cheers. When the plugs were out he said they weren't bad but he is replacing them with new ones for when it sells. How much 2 stroke do you put in per tank of fuel if you don't mind me asking? And is super unleaded recommended? Thanks
  8. No worries,the numbers dont differ wildly which indicates nice even wear on the rotor faces.Just drive her a bit more and hit the beep on a regular basis to keep her sweet and premix if you dont already. Just enjoy the car for what it is and dont worry too much about the engine.The big thing to keeping rotaries running well is a tip top ignition system and regular oil changes.Personally I change my oil every 5-6K KMS and the plugs every 8-10K Kms,do the same and you'll be fine
  9. Yes they were normalised to 250rpm. No not huge miles but certainly want it to be drove hard from time to time. The guy is a nice fella and gauging from his garage and reputation he is telling me those numbers are fine and good for another 25k as long as looked after. Thanks for that reply you have eased my mind slightly and it's not bad money at £1250 I'm thinking if it lasted for a while.
  10. Ryan Rotary Perfornance in the UK do their own coils,the lads on the ukoc race about them.You could try them,not that expensive either
  11. bradster72


    What kind of money is she asking? If shes asking circa what the engine cost ect then she hasht a hope of getting that.The market is the market and for an 04 S1 regardless of the new engine you could expect to pay a couple of grand.My guess 2500-3000 tops. I'll be selling my R3 soon and I'm only looking for 4k so that will give you a fair idea of the state of the current market
  12. Nothing wrong with those numbers if you dont have any hot start issues.People get far too hung up on compression.You say you do small mileage,the engine would benefit from being driven hard from time to time and if you dont premix the start. I wouldn't be surprised to see those numbers rise a tad if you drive it more regularly and pre mix every time you fill up.Btw were those results normalised to 250RPM?
  13. Firstly I hope to be posting alot more in the next while as I am (and have been) on the lookout for an rx8 for a while. I went and viewed one today and is ticking all of the boxes visually and money wise. The reason I'm not searching is I need a quick answer before going and picking this up (possibly) The guys who owns it has his own garage (works exclusively with rotary) and done a compression test as I was there. My head's telling me the numbers are far too low but some advice would be great as I'm a novice. 06 with 74k, original engine, original start, no cold or hot start issues or tell tale signs.. however this is what we got.. Rotor Front 6.35/5.97/6.22 Rotor Rear 6.60/6.25/6.37 250rpm Now bearing in mind I don't do alot of miles, possible 2500 per year and there are no tell tale signs.. yet. Am I mad? Is this engine on way out/rebuild territory? Thanks so much Aaron
  14. Last week
  15. Hi guys,its just a heads up but I'll be selling my R3 once the restrictions on travel have been lifted.Its going to be 20KMS next week ( I think ) so I'll get an ad up soon after that.I'll advertise it here first because I'd like it to go to someone who appreciates rotaries and it would be good if someone on here can keep her on the road. Btw if this post is not allowed ( as the car is not technically FS yet ) then I do apologise and by all means take it down and I'll put an ad up very soon but I just wanted to give folks on here a heads up Cheers guys Ian
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  18. If you'd consider selling them - I am taking those. let me know.
  19. Hi. I do still have these but Im planning on using them when ever I get back to working on this car!
  20. I know s very long time has passed, but are these still available?
  21. PCV upgrade from inactive to active aka post 06 model. Method A : You need to source vacuum chamber/ oil filler neck and Y pipes from other engine. On Left is per 06 models which only have one house concoction to throttlebody accordion elbow and on Right post 06 which have active air circulation, taking MAF ed fresh air from accordion elbow and exhausted it through filler neck port to acc port/ primary port vacuum nipples. https://cimg8.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rx8...d813c7c89b.jpg Left per 06 and right post 06 https://cimg9.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rx8...c81f9f4621.jpg Filler neck id is way smaller in post 06 Drill bits illustrates id difference between them, although, Mazda went to active PVC, still used inferior design of orifice PCV valve instead of using proper flow valve. I will photograph my PVC valve setup and oil catch can. https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rx8...3a0b57b545.jpg per 06 https://cimg8.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rx8...6344abeccd.jpg In post 06 air inlet is added https://cimg0.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rx8...df493d7c24.jpg L per06 and R post06 Method B : using a office on oil filler neck exit with Y pipe towards acc ports. Fresh meter air after MAF entrance via dip steak pipe :d https://cimg1.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rx8...40efd4cc84.jpg Red arrows drain of PCV and Green/ yellow entrance of fresh air. Lastly, I use mx-5 PCV valve and I have to say it was wrong option as it doesn't doing its job specially on idle flow reduction. VW pcv valves are better in term of functionality. PVC valve sit on way to acc ports on primary ports. https://cimg0.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rx8...c0a06b71a0.jpg ms-5 PCV valve Oil catch can between oil filler neck and acc ports. https://cimg5.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rx8...cfc74a67a8.jpg Yellow arrows toward oil catch can Red's to acc ports
  22. 2003 231 6speed rx8 with low mileage for sale. €1500 with nct but nct centers are not taking bookings at the moment so it has no nct so willing to let it go for €1300 without nct. if anybody is interested. This car starts cold on the first turn and hot on first turn both without any struggle. There are no oil leaks and no rust on chassis. There is a few dents in the body from car doors hitting it. No paint damage other then clear coat coming off rear bumper around registration plate. This car has really low mileage because previous owner didnt know how to start it when a turn of the key didnt work. So I took it on board and aftsr a few days to a week of trial and error and process of elimination I fixed the problem with new wireinf to alternator and fuse/relay board. Turned and started first time after a few years of sitting in a shed. Reason for sale is I have no room to keep it and if I could I would take engine out and drop it in my own one I drive as a daily. A compression test will be done upon request from shadow rotary before sale. If anyone has any more questions or wants to call me im based in dublin 5mins away from shadow rotary in citywest/tallaght area. This wont allow me to upload videos or images of the car so if you want any I can send on whatsapp or facebook. Both on request from genuine interest...
  23. How to remove mirror. Some future ideas for others.
  24. Ever since I moved to UK two things bugging me, 1st, interent speed 2nd, GPS accuracy. I was living in Hungary for 9 years and GPS accuracy was like 1 meter with life direction and no disconnection, probably it increase my standards internet speed and price was better in any measurable factor. Cut to chase, the front windshields in general could attenuate GPS signal, due to be laminated or UV protectors. However, back windshield won't, and thats reason most of OEM GPS antenna's are located in back shelf or even best place on roof. kit by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr So, I purchase this simple kit and put it to test. I have to say I am totally surprise by outcome. I located the kit receiver antenna on factory mount plate on back shelf, car with factory sat nav equipped have it here. Note, the GPS antenna must be attached to metal plate as it use as antenna to increase its efficiency. Then, route wire from central console toward front of dash, where it connected to repeater antenna and get ACC + from usb socket. Again mount antenne on metal bar of dash. IMG_6841 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6842 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6843 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr beforeaftergps by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Here you can see comparison before and after. This method works for any GPS need in the car like my Nexus conversion as well as my phone. Other option were like USB antenna for Nexus or Bluetooth GPS antenna.
  25. Pins dia IMG_6834 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Second obdii female socket IMG_7013 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_7012 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_7014 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Final view IMG_7025 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_7027 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr
  26. Mirror element back planing IMG_6815 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6803 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Pins IG GND REV 0+ 0- IMG_6805 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Shaved mirror element IMG_6821 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6824 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6825 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Housing mating and fitting, as dentist I had stable hands with shaft 3mm IMG_6822 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr No filler used, only epoxy glue IMG_6823 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6829 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Gauge control multi function key IMG_6831 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr
  27. Gntx187 ball mount is 0.25mm smaller IMG_6817 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Inside of middle joint pipe is a strong spring IMG_6818 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr How to compress spring IMG_6819 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6820 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr
  28. IMG_6788 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Gentex 187 this one is ebay buy from Nissan Murano On the bottom Donnelly 240 the rx8 oem mirror, note the mount difference. IMG_6793 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr
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