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Just want to let you guys know what kind of people are on here.


Long story short.I sent R26B a cheque for t-shirts a few weeks ago which was posted on a monday morning with a note asking if he could send them asap as i was going on holidays on the following monday .


So on Saturday i realised that they never came but passed no heed.


Later that day i recieved a tex from R26B saying that he would drive from Killimor Galway and meet me halfway from Sligo where i live if i wanted the t-shirts. I told him not to worry and i'd get them again.


He then said he would drive further to me and i said honestly dont worry its fine.


So thought nothing of it and then at home that evening the phone rings and its me hero R26B  saying that he felt bad that he did not send the t-shirts on time so he drove to my destenation with them.(could be 100miles and more)


Ive always said it what a cool guy R26B (Ian) is and there again another eg. 


BTW guys the t-shirts are lovely and good value, i bought 10. :)




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There is a lot of good guys on here. :)


Have to say a few years ago now i had a problem with my 8 and i was pretty down about it and Bradster 72 wanted to drive all the way from Cork to Sligo and then go with me to Larne in Armagh just to be helpfull and get my car sorted.


In the end i could not have him do that as it was to much of a good deed so i just slipped of to Strabane in Tyrone instead. :)  

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I just joined a week ago, already Chazz took out his coils to send me bracket measurements and Bradster72 offered me a loan of his oil extractor - don't know either of them from Adam! I was a member of another forum when I had my 2.4jtdm Alfa and whilst there were some good guys on it, nothing like the comraderie that seems to be one here.

Thanks for all the advice and help to date and I look forward to meeting some of you at a get together in the future :)

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