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Aido 8

Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight.

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Anyone on here looking forward to the big fight.? How do you think it will go ?


Im thinking Mayweather will fight as much as possible from the outside (range) and pick his shots.

Shouting for Pacquiao and hopeing he can get on the inside and get some stiff speedy punches in and get a nice few speedy angled shots aswell  :) . Make him pay for all them years he avoided the pac man  ;)




I know he's the underdog and hes got be on his best form, but come on Pacquiao :D .

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LOL he's sure not loveable lol, but he is an outstanding alround boxer :( . Pity really lol.


But thankfully its on the night and whatever Manny and Freddy have been practiseing for Money Mayweather comes of on the night it will be awesome  :D


No doubt some sneaky angled punches, and combanation punches on the outside and inside.


If he can really assert himself on money for good periods in the fight, the bully money will really get like a spoilt bitch and it will be a laugh for Team Manny  :)

I hope  :ph34r:

I have never been so up for a fight, not since Lewis vs Holyfield  :huh: long time


How do you guys think the fight will go ?



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Have the fight ordered, fellow rotary's welcome. I threw a bet on Pacquiao for an early tko. He will need to start strong otherwise the fight will go mayweathers way and he will control the fight at a distance for the 12 rounds. Pacquiao's form hasn't been great lately although I wouldn't count the 2 recent losses against him. Have anyone been watching the HBO countdown episodes.

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Dont think its going to be something like hagler-hearns as Money defence is pretty tight. To be fair to him he is a brillant all round boxer  :(


But i hope you got good odds and it works out that he gets an early knock out.  :) 

I think your bang on tho, money will look to pick his punches at range and throw combination punches when he can to catch the eye of the judges 


If i was manny id be happy just to assert myself for most parts of the rounds and if the chance came up to take him out, ;)  pedal to the metal lol.


Have not seen the hbo, to much talk about money just going to watch the fight and throw every punch with manny  :)


Enjoy it man, and plenty of cold beers ;)








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