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FC 13b troubles PLEASE HELP

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I know i dont post much here but im hoping some of you might be able to help me.


Im having troubles with my FC. It wouldnt start it was turning over and not sparking to the point it was flooding itself. It was coming up to service, so i serviced here, oil change, filter, fuel filter, coolant and plugs and it started up first turn.


Pervious to this it had a small miss in it under a load. after the service its the very same.


It ran for a few days, i had been doing small trips in it around the yard as i had only been doing other works on it in the evening. now i went to start it the other day. i was in a tight space it started up ran, i went to move it and i cut out and since it wont start up now, doing the same thing turning over to the point it floods itself, just will not start.


I have checked the spark and its fine, its obviously getting fuel as its flooding itself.


Can anyone shine some light on this for me as im loosing my mind.


I have a strong feeling that the no starting has some bearing on the fact that it wont run well under a load, it has a huge miss under a load but will idle away no problems at all.


Brief run down, engine is standard, GTR skyline fuel pump, Air pump removal, standard turbo intercooler set up, full exhaust


I would appreciate any help or things to check, im no rotary genious.






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Try put some oil into each rotor housing after deflooding. If it starts, then it looks like low compression.


Are the spark plugs badly fouled?


Yes that is one thing i noticed they are badly fouled, and they were only new.



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I wouldn't say rebuild for sure if it's fouling the plugs. That's what is causing the no start.


It's overfuelling which is more than likely your problem. Get the primary injectors (heck do all of them) cleaned and flow tested. It could be a cheap fix.

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