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Copy & Paste not working??

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Quick question but is anyones copy &  paste not working on the site?? normally I would just ctrl+c then ctrl+v  not working at all even when I right click and copy then right click and paste!? even tried "cutting" and paste but that doesn't work either, lts working normally on any other site ive tried and on any other program or application I tried, but its like there is a setting or something just blocking on this site!? I don't suppose this has happened to anyone else??  


the copy and paste even works on the "search bar" on this site but literally just when im typing a reply or in a topic!

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I still cant I even copied the link you put up and tried to paste it and nothing!! very frustrating  :huh: and i was looking forward to uploading a few pics of the progress on the car :( :( 

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