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What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

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On 25/05/2017 at 9:26 PM, Rex Ruthor said:

@Aido 8painted the screen wash tank as well today. Done under there for a bit now 



Did you paint your clear tank black?

You do know that the earlier cars (like mine) came with a black tank, though I had to re-shape mine to get the 2T tank to fit...


Update: Just had another look at yours and noted early brake master cylinder, so did yours have a black tank already?




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Just now, Rex Ruthor said:

That's a great first post! - are you rebuilding, troubleshooting or just maintaining?

Welcome along by the way !!

I ended up with the car, it's been holed up in the parents house for years and I decided to save it before it rusted away. Got it started, but tends to flood very easily so I decided to get down to the injectors to change the o-rings (wouldn't hurt) + I needed to get used to tearing it down;Also faint smoke from turbo area so may check that too!

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5 hours ago, RichieDC said:

Got a few bits myself for Tiffany.. 

Got the rear discs upgraded with some decent brembo pads, some mt90 for the tranny, new silicone piping for the catch can, and braided brake lines on the way.

Lightened Flywheel is next on the list .. the never ending list lol


Nice @RichieDC- I have a stage 2 clutch and kit plus counterweight and lightweight flywheel in a box that I don't think I'll be fitting, let me know if you're interested?

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