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[PROJECT] - 1974 Mazda 1300 Stationwagon - BLUE

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-- PROJECT - 1974 Mazda 1300 Stationwagon - BLUE -- just some info and pictures of my Project Car MAKE - Mazda MODEL - 1300 YEAR - 1974 COLOUR - Blue DOORS - 4 ENGINE - 1300cc piston GEARBOX - Manual 4 speed FUEL TYPE - Petrol if anyone is interested in it, let me know as i'll sell it on and help with the restoration with it -- info -- car was originally sold in newtonards, N.I i picked it up to save it from being scrapped to be honest, rare enough here like brought it home, threw out the rubbish inside, washed it, even washed the rust ha ha, and polished it just for fun :) it didnt come up too bad, rust was the same though :( put a battery in it, checked oil level, removed airfilter cover, put some fuel down the carb and cranked it over, fired up on what fuel it had, but then tried again and it wouldnt crank over, so fitted new starter motor cleaned all battery terminals and fitted new battery terminals tried again, fired up ran for a bit, -- PLANS -- not 100% what to do with it, - option 1 - build it up for the road, this all depends on the rust factor and what panels/parts i can get for it, as if it is for the road its been done by an old school panel beater, who cuts it out, makes panels, fits them like they were never done or look exactly or better than factory, but this is time/money as it really would be class seeing here with a ported engine slammed on 18's :D - option 2 - build it up as a drag car - dont really want to do this but might have too if the rust is too bad, as dont have to be as good looking with the panel beating ha ha but will work away in my spare spare time engine - either a 13B PP Normally aspirated engine or a 13BTT RX7 FD Series 6 engine gearbox - either a RX7 FC turbo gearbox or a FD gearbox or have another gearbox in mind thats shorter and fit in easier brakes - Rotorworks Automotive 5 stud FD front brake conversion and 5 stud FC/FD rear brake converison diff - if n/a might use original to get it rolling/running then upgrade to a kiwi style drag diff rust - doors need replaced, outer sills need replaced, rear arches need replaced, front wings need replaced and bit under the floor front but its stood well for being here and salty roads etc so i'll get pictures up of how i bought it, what ive done so far and then a progress update every month or so -- PICTURES -- this is how i bought it :)mazda1300-front.jpgmazda1300-leftside.jpgmazda1300-back.jpgmazda1300-inside.jpg

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Re: [PROJECT] - 1974 Mazda 1300 Stationwagon - BLUE so ive decided to give it a go, not sure how far i'll get, but i'll give it a go :D decided to give it a try and resto it for road use :D from now and over winter so will start on front of car and engine bay first, also do the front brakes and wheel hub and stud pattern conversion to 5x114.3 PCD :D Engine Porting Options - Normally Aspirated :D love the pulse at idle and revs :D Both engine options are Normally Aspirated - both just over the 300 BHP mark i will be using the RX7 FC Series 4 13B 6-port engine for the car so can do both Porting options with a few plate changes for different porting options - 13B -- Stage 4 -- Monster J-port - which is side intake ports ported this is a standard intake port below portstd.jpg now note the intake port to the right of the standard intake port, this is the Monster J-port port :Dportj.jpg J-port idle :)http://www.youtube.com/embed/c072vaNnVmI - 13B -- Stage 5 -- PP (Peripheral Port) this port is in the rotor housing instead of the side plates, so the side plates get blocked off and dont get used 11023.jpg PP idle :)http://www.youtube.com/embed/5PgdfHigcb4 love both port options, but swaying towards PP, as nearly finished my PP housings :)

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