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Dublin Monthly Coffee & Cars Meet - 1st Sunday each month

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EDIT: As of November 2015 this event is back on!! B)B)

PS. Sorry Dave for completely re-writing your original post! -_-:)


This is a monthly meet held on the first Sunday of every month by the former Octane.ie (now Backroads.ie), is always a good turn out with some pretty varied & interesting cars. Please see the rest of this thread for pics etc. ;)


Location is now:

Coffee Delights - IDA Business Park - Southern Cross Road

From M11 just south of M50, take exit for Bray/Greystones R768, and turn right half way down Southern Cross Road to enter IDA Business Park. There is a sign for Coffee Delights at the entrance. Proceed straight ahead and park up to the left.

Take care on the approach road to the complex, it is very easy to break the limit (60km/h) and it is often policed with speed traps.

Start time is 10:30am and can go on until between 12:30-14:00 depending on the day, weather, who turns up, etc.

IMPORTANT - paraphrased from the organisers:

Please be respectful that this meet has had a very long & successful run because everyone has played ball with the fact that this is a genuine car enthusiasts' meet, a family occasion (yes, there will be tots wandering around between cars, please be aware when parking etc) & has acted accordingly. Anyone 'driving enthusiastically' entering/exiting/in the car park will be asked to leave & not return - no exceptions. Reg's will be taken & given to the Guards if needs-be. Please be responsible, act accordingly to ensure the safety & enjoyment for all attendees (even if they drive a diesel VW :P). ;)

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Good crack today cant wait to see some photos, i hope jp got the car to a petrol station. podge the car sounded great as you left, not quiet a gt40 but your getting there jp that car was shiney, where did you get it cleaned??? dmarex nice meeting you, enjoyed the spin back :D dampres thats a tidy 8 you have there it looked great :D till next time anyway

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What a shame I couldn't be there. I'm in New York for work. Will be at the next if I don't have any conflicts like that. JP - Given yours a spit and Polish have you? Can't wait to polish up mine.

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Well that was a fantastic meet! Great to finally meet a few of ye & see so many rotaries made it out including Dampres representing the RX8s! :smt023

Sounds like a good day. Was going to go but am getting sick of not bringing the 7. Jps car is clean now ain't it
jp that car was shiney' date=' where did you get it cleaned???[/quote'] Yes, she's a very shiny silver RX7 now! :lol: Not like the dark grey/oily-black hand-printed beast she was after the work that had been done in the months gone past. :-D I genuinely can't believe the colour is that bright, I was getting so many looks driving around today & yesterday and wasn't sure if it was the fact that it was a 7 or the fact that the paintwork seemed to reflect every ounce of sun that hit it!! :lol: I had it valeted top to bottom by a sound chap I know through Octane, Brian's his name - he had done my Mini previously & did such a great job on that I'd no bother handing this over to work his magic with & wow is there SOME difference! Patrick, you'd never believe it was the same car!! If anyone wants his number feel free to PM me & I'll gladly pass it on - he came highly recommended by a friend & again I'd be very happy to recommend him. :-) Just about, yeah! :-D At least now I know what side of the fuel tank the pick-up's on! :lol: Ask & ye shall receive... ;)Dampres01.jpgDampres02.jpgDampres06.jpgDampres07.jpgDampres03.jpgDampres04.jpg OEM rotary-shaped gearknob - nice! :smt023 Dampres05.jpgDmarex02.jpgDmarex01.jpgDmarex03.jpgDmarex06.jpgDmarex05.jpgDmarex04.jpg Chief Wiggum ChiefWiggum01.jpgChiefWiggum06.jpgChiefWiggum05.jpgChiefWiggum04.jpgChiefWiggum03.jpgChiefWiggum02.jpgTheRealPodge06.jpgTheRealPodge02.jpgTheRealPodge03.jpgTheRealPodge05.jpgTheRealPodge04.jpgTheRealPodge01.jpg Mine: MyVeryShinyFD01.jpgMyVeryShinyFD02.jpgMyVeryShinyFD03.jpgMyVeryShinyFD04.jpg I had forgotten to take an interior pic at the meet so here's one I took later on that day when I thought of it: MyVeryShinyFD05.jpg A few group-shots: Group02.jpgGroup01.jpgGroup04.jpgGroup06.jpgGroup05.jpg

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