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Rebuild Updates ....... please add yours

Rebuild Updates ....... please add yours  

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19 hours ago, seanmcg said:

thats the kit i got, just needs installing.. kills me looking at it lol


I'm loving the shiny snail of awesomeness!! :wub:

I've just noticed the mushroom filter there: were I you I'd go for a more sophisticated intake that was fed directly from outside the engine bay or at the very least be putting a snorkel on the turbo as far forward as you can to minimise heat-soak as let's be honest, you're going to get a LOT if you just have the filter bolted directly to the turbo.

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1 minute ago, the real podge said:

SeanMcg did you buy the set of those headlights ye little bollix :D:P

HaHa no i just missed out! someone else got in so hes waiting on payment, i was just gonna buy the two of them, the bezels look better than mine and i want to get rid of my vented cover for a standard one, oh well

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