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13B Rebuild kits - parts required

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gggggrrrrrrrr as per most rotary owners im havin a bad day at the office!!! shock.... no! i blew my fd3s engine last year, after weighing up my options i decided to buy a rebuilt engine from a company called mdkl motors/prestige parts in essex , uk. when the engine finally arrived i installed it and what do ya know.. not an ounce of compression, engine was blown from day 1, spent 2,500 euro on it and cant get a refund or exchange from this company, so beware if you think of doing buisness with them they are fraudsters. so after painfull hours of banging my head against a brick wall i have decided to tackle a rebuild on my original engine, it originally failed the champagne test so i know the inner and outer water seal need replacing so an engine gasket kit is a must, ill probably replace apex,corner,side and springs just wondering where is the best value for money, ive been looking at atkins rotary, any help would be really appreciated guys my email is tomsharkeyjnr@hotmail.com

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