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DIY: PCV system upgrade to post 2006

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PCV upgrade from inactive to active aka post 06 model.
Method A : You need to source vacuum chamber/ oil filler neck and Y pipes from other engine.
On Left is per 06 models which only have one house concoction to throttlebody accordion elbow and on Right post 06 which have active air circulation,
taking MAF ed fresh air from accordion elbow and exhausted it through filler neck port to acc port/ primary port vacuum nipples.

Left per 06 and right post 06

Filler neck id is way smaller in post 06
Drill bits illustrates id difference between them, although, Mazda went to active PVC, still used inferior design of orifice PCV valve instead of using
proper flow valve. I will photograph my PVC valve setup and oil catch can.

per 06

In post 06 air inlet is added

L per06 and R post06

Method B :
using a office on oil filler neck exit with Y pipe towards acc ports. Fresh meter air after MAF entrance via dip steak pipe :d

Red arrows drain of PCV and Green/ yellow entrance of fresh air.

Lastly, I use mx-5 PCV valve and I have to say it was wrong option as it doesn't doing its job specially on idle flow reduction.
VW pcv valves are better in term of functionality.
PVC valve sit on way to acc ports on primary ports.
ms-5 PCV valve

Oil catch can between oil filler neck and acc ports.
Yellow arrows toward oil catch can Red's to acc ports


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