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Rear view mirror mod, autodim + obdii

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Factory mirror is very basic and I was bout putting gauges in it, at begging I shaved the bezel and change it to frames extra slim. 
However, I wasn't satisfy as I was about altering everything and, a decent auto dim mirror is as low as 10-15 Euro.

I chose Gentex 187 for few reasons, it has good ball joint size for retro fitting, it has classic mirror coats in the back unlike others which 
are sandwiched silver between glass, whereas, classic mirror coats means, silver layer on back of glass, covered by copper layer,
one layer of iron paint and final Gray paint cover 
So, I just need to scratch all paints and removed metal layers, silver + copper. 
Easy, out line the screen size which in my case was display of 28mm * 28mm (1.6'' generic oled's)
To remove metal parts use toilet cleaner the one with acidic ingredient, if want can post name ;) 

Fitting gauge housing in to mirror case, casing it self needs modification to let elec board goes deeper. 
Use epoxy to secure them.
My gauge of chose is AUTOOL X60 as it has reasonable price and what I was looking for. 
There are so many septs which I have to skip, if something is unclear kindly ask. 

Alright, now we need to scavenge oem mirror mount and fit it to Gentex-187, you have to make sharp bend on the mirror joint
to pop out balljoint or use a 11mm flat wrench as leverage on both mirrors, then push back the oem balljoint onto the gntx-187. 
I found safest and easiest way to use badass pipe wrench. 

Wiring, first look after X-13 and search for factory wires whether you have it or they are absent, Black/ yellow wires. 
 the auto dim is simple, IGN to Ig1 or Ig2 from ignition switch on the left of car you can hock it to Blue/whit wire of blower with 10amp fuse. 
GND to ground via a screw and REV is revers signal to un-dim when you are reversing which the most complicating one ! there are three Red/ yellow on wiring
loom on sill, one of the is our wire ;)  try them or go to X-07 on the left side of socket. 
Other two 0+ and 0- are useless as they are signal for side auto dim mirrors.

Wiring gauge, you need Left turn USB 3.0 50cm A type for back of mirror and a obdii extra female socket to joint the existing obdii socket under dash. 
on new socket short two negative/chassis/ signal as it doesn't matter to gauge. wire Blue/ red to ignition. Note, the factory socket has Battery on this wire and useless for us.   
rest of wires same to car female socket.  
I will link pics from my filker. 

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Final product, main display sets to engine coolant temp, bottom left battery volt, bottom right MAF, bottom most MPEG and top most shift light.
Back lights set to Red theme. 
Gauge it self has auto adjust light control. 


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Mirror element back planing 
49818994823_7340b3e2ec_b.jpgIMG_6815 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

49819843637_5cc1dc9124_b.jpgIMG_6803 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

Pins  IG GND REV 0+ 0- 

49819532951_36ea38332a_b.jpgIMG_6805 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

Shaved mirror element 
49819532796_1d39b83c67_b.jpgIMG_6821 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

49818994633_5979148450_b.jpgIMG_6824 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

49819532696_90c7d4dde3_b.jpgIMG_6825 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

Housing mating and fitting, as dentist I had stable hands with shaft 3mm 
49818994673_c5640fe426_b.jpgIMG_6822 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

No filler used, only epoxy glue 
49819843417_b5a4e0a223_b.jpgIMG_6823 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

49819843342_3c447164b0_b.jpgIMG_6829 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

Gauge control multi function key 
49818994583_6fb5522217_b.jpgIMG_6831 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

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