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Floatless Coolant Level Sensor Kit

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X-section.jpg" 2003-2011 Mazda RX-8
Floatless Coolant Level Sensor Kit

Having the coolant low level warning light illuminated is a common problem on the RX-8. The coolant level sensor float in the coolant reservoir tank is deteriorated and absorbs coolant. The float gets heavy, and sinks, causing the the coolant low level warning light to come on.

The solution is to get the coolant reservoir tank replace, as the sensor is built-in to the tank. However, the problem may come back sooner than expected. Another popular solution is to disconnect the sensor connector and check the coolant level frequently. But if there's a major leak while driving, the engine will get overheated pretty fast. As we know, overheating a Renesis is fatal to the engine.

Here we have an alternative permanent solution to replace the sensor without replacing the tank. Using conductive level sensor technology to detect coolant level. When the coolant level falls below the preset level, breaking the conductive circuit, the sensor module will provide a signal to the original sensor connector causing the coolant low level warning or "bird cage" light (located in the dashboard meter) to illuminate.

Kit Contents
- Floatless Level Sensor Interface Module
- Sensor Electrodes
- Wire Harness with Fuse and Grounding Cable Lug
- Cable Ties
- Installation Guide "



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