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Jeff Cafolla

Need Help With Insurance

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Hey all, 

First post here, I see there have been a few similar posts in the past but they're a few years old so thought I'd ask again. 

I'm having serious issues getting insurance for a Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo I just purchased. I can't get a quote on Classic Insurance at all due to 1 of 3 factors, 1) My age (28), 2) The fact its originally a Jap Import and in one case 3) They won't insure Mitsubishi's or Nissans, which makes no sense but anyway....

I have tried the following Classic Car insurers - Carole Nash, Campions, First Ireland, FBD, AIG, FBD, Autoline. All declined me. 

I have had limited success with getting a quote as a daily driver. Axa Direct quoted me €6350, First Ireland through one of their partners quoted me €5485 and today I got a quote through Quote Devil for €2800. 

I have tried a number of other insurers who won't quote me due to the age, they all recommend classic insurance however as you can see form the above, I can't even get that. 

My driving history (in my opinion) is pretty good. 10 years full Irish licence, 9 years no claims bonus, 0 penalty points and 0 convictions. I don't understand why I can't get a half decent quote?

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated as I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, cheers. 

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