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coil pack options 2019

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I'm looking for opinions on the various options out there for coil pack upgrades.  There are older threads about this but some of the info and links are gone out of date, prices and exchange rates may have changed too.

It seems there are 3 main options, Mazda "c", d585 and ign1a.  There are lots of ways of buying separate components but for easy comparison I'm looking at full kits including plug leads, brackets and harness adapters if required.

Mazda "c" - available in a kit from mrp for about 610 euro inc plugs.  mazdarotaryparts


d585 -  not as easy to find in EU/UK as US. Rotaryrevs used to have a kit but don't have them listed in their shop, the kit they sell uses Mazda "c" coils and costs around 530 euro with plugs.  NPboosted (Canada) have a kit for about 250 euro but add plugs, shipping and taxes I can only guess that comes in about the 550 mark too.


ign1a/aem type -  The coils can be got fairly cheap but harness adapters are hard to find, sakebombgarage.com kit would work out pretty expensive with shipping and taxes.

Ryanrotary (UK) do a kit which appears to be using this type of coil for about 530 euro inc plugs, or are they rebranded mazda coils?  ryanrotaryperformance.com/shop


The rotaryrevs kit seems like the best value and they have a good reputation.  Is there anything I'm missing?  Open to reviews, opinions or more links.

Also, where is good value for buying plugs?

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Genuine Mazda NGK Laser Iridium Spark plugs in the past always seem to be the best value from jp4 manace uk.

Just my opinion and of course its not a popular one but with good reason,  its the Genuine Mazda c coils for me and I got them of Clive.

Again my opinion but RR coils are second place for me as he stands buy his warranties.edit, only recently there is no warranty for these coils  On a different note I will never buy anything of RRP.


Hope this will be of some help:)

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