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New to the rotary world

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Hi All,


i have been following the forum for a while and have decided to take the plunge and get into the rotary world. I have read the buying guides on this and the uk site, which is excellent. 

I am still undecided if I am better to go to shadow rotary and them to source me a car and recondition it incl. rebuild. Or pick up a car that’s been rebuilt. Was looking at this for example seems like might be decent value. And a potentially cheaper way to get involved. any thoughts would be appreciated!


07 Mazda rx8



Also hope this is the right place to post this but I can move it if not!




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Hi and welcome.

I was talking to Anthony Grumley of Shadow Rotary recently and while listening to him I wished I was in your position right now. That is buying a rx8 again.

He has a few RX8'S put aside with dead engines and 2 I think are absolute minter's .:wub:

Regarding the 07 Rx8 , looks like Shadow know that car and will be honest about it if you ask them. The Guys at Shadow Rotary are top guysB)

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I have a RX8, Anthony was telling me about his collection of RX8s I did not see them, my point is If your interested in a RX8 with a mint body and freshly rebuilt engine Anthony is your man I would think:)

Regarding the 07 RX8 I'm sure he would give you the right advice on it as well and what route would suit your budget.:)

Regards Aidan

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