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Looking to buy an RX8

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I'm looking for a 6 speed with a recent rebuild can only find 1 on DD but hasn't had a rebuild and is at 64k on the clock so worried a rebuild won't be far off..my budget is 4k so should I buy a broken cheap rx8 and put 3k into a engine rebuild or take the chance on the one I like and spend most of my budget doing so? Iv my heart set on a rx8 so either way I'm buying one just wondering if anyone on here can point me in the right direction.


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Hi JB82 and welcome to the Forum :)

Just my opinion but yes I think its the best way to go, to buy one with a dead engine that has a good body and get it rebuilt, provided you do that with a trusted specialist like Shadow Rotary or Rotorsport (Alan and Johnny Woods). 

On saying that I would be interested in the 08 Black 6 speed thats on DD at the moment. Good chance it has a near perfect body for its age and provided you can get it compression tested and gets good results it could very well be a great buy.

Just to let you know Rex Ruthor and jp set up a buyer's guide on here to help us on the way when buying a RX8 in the link below.


Good luck with the hunt and if you need any more advice  just let us know and we will help you the best we can :)



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Thanks Aido I am going to hold off for a couple of weeks but very tempted by the 08 on DD..and of course a compression test is a much I know. Thanks for the advice.

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