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Cherry Blossoms.....

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Modern cars are so well built, and so meticulously engineered that you can pretty much count on them lasting forever. Unless it's something where the manufacturer starts with L and ends with "and Rover" - provided you just keep it clean, keep up on the oil changes and servicing - it'll probably keep chugging along until petrol stations go the way of horse hitches. You have to go out of your way to kill the things.

The thing with owning a Mazda RX8 is that you know it’s not a forever car. You can drive it brand new away from the dealer, or you can be the fourth owner down the line - either way you know that one day it will die.

It's a guarantee.

It doesn’t matter whether it lives its life as a garage queen or a daily driver. Whether it’s tracked or cruised. You know it’s eventually going to blow and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Whether it's the crank bearings, a coolant seal or a sideseal clipping a port or just the long slow decline unto death. Either it’ll go with a bang when you put your foot down to join the motorway - leaving only surprise silence and silence - or it’ll slowly and steadily decline until it just can’t get started anymore.

While you can maybe make it live a little longer with careful maintainence and some clever and careful modifications, it's still only a short stay. It's no guarantee.

And hen it finally does go pop,  there are no more new engines. There is only a finite quantity of rotary engine parts out there. And while it can be patched up using either finite fresh parts, or or by swapping engines and parts out from other fallers, taking the best parts from broken engines and care until eventually  eventually there will come a time when parts are so vanishingly rare and expensive one the few un-run collectors will remain. It won't be worth repairing.

And that will be it.

The car will finally be dead and gone.

It is no forever car. It is a now car. It is a car that will die. So it is a car to be enjoyed while it still runs and drives and tackles the road with exhuberance and joy, brapping and banging between bends, frightening pedestrians and flooding carparks with the smell of victory.

There’re so many things in the world that will be gone forever. Insects that’re dissapearing. Animals, plants, forests - whole ecosystems, countrys and sights that will soon be forever unseen. Or worse - torn up, stretched out and neatly packaged up and sold in their disneyland sacharrine variant for those few who can afford, with only a miniscule remnant of what made the true experience interesting.

One day it will be gone. Nothing can be done about it. It's all fucked.

The only thing left to do is to go out and enjoy them while you still can.

The RX8 is just such a car.

Like Cherry blossoms.


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