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Engine failure after rebuild

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Hi. I hope you good people can help woman in need. In March 2018 I got my engine rebuild. Things looked pretty good until April when very thick smoke came out of the exhaust. I have contacted the person who done the engine and was told to try drive it a bit to clear it up. Nothing else unusual was happening at that time, drove a few kilometres down the motorway and everything was fine again. I followed all the rules with oil change, no high revs, and no clowning around. All seems to be fine again. Three thousand kilometres from rebuild I changed plugs and they was black, but I did not panic because even before rebuild, plugs were always black when changing. I kept going happily until 13th of February this year when for the first time I drove farther distance. By then it was about eight thousand kilometres done from rebuild. I travelled from Ennis to Newbridge ( around 200 kilometres distance) On the way, the engine light flashed few times but nothing else has happened.  I reached my destination and left the car for a night. Next morning after starting it the car sounded a bit strange, something like a loose exhaust. I drove it and then it started. No power at all. I was sure it's plugs again. Managed to get it to some local garage, turned car off. Plugs checked, all black again. Car never started anymore. At that point I I contacted the man who worked on the engine and decided to tow it to his place. Once he had looked at it he said that the engine needs to be rebuild Again. It's over a month now,  car is still with the mechanic and although he gave me a year guarantee I'm fearing that it would cost me a thousands again.  What should I do now? 

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Check ignition first. Probably your coils. Flashing CEL is only a misfire. Where the coils changed at rebuild?

That said, white smoke could be coolant. Check the level in the expansion tank. Is it high, or is it low? Does it change?

Grey smoke could be oil. Check the air filter and see if it's burped oil.

Who did rebuild?

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Sorry to hear your trouble :(

You should not be worried as your engine is under warranty, from what I read it was rebuilt in March gave up in February then you contacted the engine builder.

He did a compression test to confirm the engine needed a rebuild??


Why do you think you may have to spend more money??.


OK you asked what should you do, nothing because your engine is under warranty so the mechanic should fix it and surely he has himself covered.


Sorry if i'm missing something



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A bit of an update. 

My car is still with the man. At this point I would really like to reveal his name but will hold it for a bit. So while some works been done with the engine my car was on the lift. Some other car was parked underneath. At some point my gearbox and exhaust fell down as it wasn't supported by anything and did damage to the other car. Which I got blamed for. This morning I got lovely text which basically left me in tears... 







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OMG, this is awful, the guy must be a hill billy:rolleyes:

Do you have the warranty in paper with the date of rebuild on it from March 2018??

Im no engine expert but there is slight damage to a rotor but its ok to re-use WTF. Like that cant be acceptable:o 

Like it cant last to long again surely:huh:

He must be bananas if he thinks your to blame for the gearbox dropping on the car, crazy man.

Just my opinion but you should get in Touch with Antony grumley ( Anthony ( 085 777 1808) of Shadow Rotary and get his opinion on this. He is a gentleman and wont mind chatting a bout your situation regarding the rebuild and warranty.

Then its appointment with the solicitor to see how about getting your money back because it looks like he is not been loyal to the warranty he promised-gave you.

A once of appointment with a solicitor is not much but it will give you peace of mind and a better knowledge of the situation you face.

Wish I could do something for you but we are all here to chat so hopefully that might help a bit:)


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if it is who i think it is, this is not the first time, two plates removed and not put back? was surely him doing rebuild in the first place? or was anybody else at it?

still not your fault as these things should be inspected,

Aido is right give Anthony a shout, the guys at shadow are the best in the business and go above and beyond, they'll steer you in the right direction,


damaged rotor but re-useable? is he having a laugh?

also your only 12 months into your 24 month warranty.. 

absolute cheek

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So I got some info on the parts which need to be done now. All listed below 

Water seals, inner and outer.
E shaft end bearings 
0820-10-502B by 2.
Rotor bearings 
N3A1-11-B11 by 2.
Front seal 0820-10-605 by 1.
Rear seal N3H1-10-508 by 1.
Apex seal springs inner 
N3H3-11-C04 by 6.
Apex seal springs outer
N3H3-11-C06 by 6.
Needle bearing plate
N3H1-11-D51 by 1.
End play spacer " D"
NF01-11-D55 by 1.
Oil filter
Outer oil control rings for rotor 0820-11-341 by 8.
Inner oil control rings
N3H3-11-C37 by 8
Metal oil control rings seals for the rotors by 8. No part number I'm afraid.

E shaft " B" by 1.

Does all of that should be done on the last year rebuild? Is it possible that it all could get damage within 7000 kilometres? Or it wasn't done at all? I really didn't want to go through all courts and solicitors, though the man was an honest person. It's awful that some people just takes women for granted. I did spoke with Anthony, he promised to put my car back on the road. I know it's only a bit of metal, but it has massive sentimental value for me as it was a gift from my mum who passed away last year, and it holds a lot of memories. 

Towing it to shadow will be my next step. Thank God it's not far away from Dublin. 

Will keep you all up to date on how getting my money back is going 

PS. This is a photo of my shaft 



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Glad you took our advice and contacted Anthony, its onwards and upwards from here now. Thats a nice story about the car and your mum I love those stories. I am hoping my kids will do the same tbh.

Every rebuild is different so different parts can be needed, Anthony would be well Qualified to give you a good answer on this. 

And yah that Poor E shaft has been tortured to death:(

Edited by Aido 8

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