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JDM or Jap style plates (legal or illegal)

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Hi guys and gals,


Im looking at getting Jap styled plates, the type youd see on an Altezza or an Is200, couldnt get any info off a Mazda forum Im on and I know many of they lads on this know alot about Mazdas and pushing the aftermarket boundary.


Long story short Ive irish style metal pressed plates but want to go jap style as the car originally came with holes for a jap plate but some drill happy muppet decided 2 holes wasnt enough so decided 4 would hold a irish plate.


On the website it say "irish legal jap pressed plates"


Now if Im to go by the rules from the Revenue website below;


The registration number consisting of numbers and letters must be in black on a white reflective background


The name of the county of registration must be in Irish, (examples are Baile Átha Cliath, Corcaigh, etc.)


The flag of the EU and the letters "IRL" must be placed on the left-hand side of the plate, the flag comprising 12 gold stars in a circle, the letters in white beneath it, all on a blue reflective background. No other numbers, letters, marks, etc., should appear on your registration plate


What I cant find tho is there a size of plate restriction like does the plate need to be a certain size wide and tall.


Any input is much appreciated.





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Hi Brian, Im thinking surely the Auto factors and the garages will have all the info on this as they are making different plates all the time when your ordering them.


Also I have another 8 here with those number plates so I will measure the plates for you in a bit in the hope it might be of some help as I know it passed the NCT with it. 

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