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Hi Everyone,

Looking at buying a 3rd Gen RX7 in the coming months.

I've spent years working on 1.8t vag stuff but recently got a mk1 mx5 and realized there is way more fun to be had out there and only a few extra quid to add an RX7 to my classic policy I think its a no-brainer! Didn't think id get insured on one for years.

Seeing as there is little to no rx7s for sale in Ireland, more than likely going to look at importing one. 

Would appreciate any advice on going about importing,what to look out for and any recommendations on which companies to use.


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Also looking for advise on the best year to go for, i know the later models are higher spec and betters ecus but would an earlier model be better for the nct/emmisions or does it matter?

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Hi Cupra and welcome to the forum, your right it doesn’t matter as rotaries emmisions exempt in the south of Ireland. Yah the later models have a better spec but for me it doesn’t matter as its down to personal choice and whats on the market at the time.

You should join up on fduk to see whats going on there and also the facebook page. Some good tips on buying a FD below. Enjoy and keep us posted on how you get on:)








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