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2004 6 speed UK import, approx 214,000km, no tax or nct.

2018-09-09_09-29-40 2018-09-09_09-30-04


I've had this car since January, have done roughly 12-15K in it and loved it but unfortunately it hasn't been well since mazdafest so think it probably needs a rebuild.


It's an original car, had a new 07+ spec engine fitted in 2010 at 81,000m. It has not been decatted and has an aftermarket radiator. Was running and starting fine before the trackday, I was told it has always been premixed and serviced regularly but no service history. I fitted new OEM B coils, magnecor leads, plugs, OEM oil filter and service at 202K.

Serviced again by shadow rotary at the start of August with dot 5.1 brake fluid, new engine, gearbox and diff oil as well as new coolant and a new high performance / high capacity radiator.

I got it compression tested in shadow rotary before the trackday (07/07/2018) and the results were as follows:

Rear @ 266rpm 5.85, 6.00, 6.00
Front @ 266rpm 6.75, 6.75, 6.8

Normalised to the industry standard 250rpm:
Rear @ 250rpm 5.79, 5.94, 5.94
Front @ 250rpm 6.68, 6.68, 6.73

Bad points;

slow to start hot since the trackday and sometimes a bit rough when cold (with white smoke). Dusty black build up on rear bumper from exhaust but not using any coolant. There was no oil in the resonator after the trackday and it didn't use any oil on the day but it has used about 600ml of oil since and there has been a small quantity of oil in the resonator and the intake pipe (but not in the airbox). No drop in mpg (last tank was about 440km).



Gearbox was faultless until mazdafest but changing up to 4th is now occasionally a bit clunky if driving vigorously (that started in the final session and has happened a few times on the road since).

Tyres are just about legal but are more than 6 years old (P Zero run flat 245mm rears - loads of grip. Kumho 225mm fronts - less so but not that you would notice on the road)

Radio works but CD player doesn't.

A/C doesn't work, neither do heated seats.

It failed it's nct due to rusty cills, front and rear on both sides. Rust on rear arches aswell.

Bodywork is not immaculate but in reasonably good condition, considering the age and mileage.

The car is based close to ashbourne county meath but can be viewed in dun laoghaire or anywhere in between.

€600 ONO

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