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13b rew engine parts

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Something I would like has come up so willing to let go of some stock.

Set of side plates - streetported in good useable condition - €500

Eccentric shaft - €100

Rotor housings - €250 each

Rotors - €300 each, these are a matched set which came from an original engine

Front cover - €75

Front stack assembly - includes oil pump, used chain, oil pump drive, timing gear, spacer and front pulley bolt - €100

Stock flywheel - €50

Vapour blasted lower intake manifold - €100

Black powder coated upper intake manifold, powder coating is chipped in places but still good condition - €75

With all engine parts I would recommend sending for resurfacing and balancing but I've gotten fussy.

Collection preferred so you can see all parts.

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On 8/15/2018 at 9:45 PM, Aido 8 said:

Hi mate,It should get more views if you post a link on the likes of Facebook to your add here, good luck with your new plans:)

This. ^^ The people doing exhaust peri-ports on their Rennie engines might look at the housings if they were aware of them.

Also, pics of the housings/plates might help people along.

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