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FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

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Here is the build thread to go with my very bad idea of an RX8 project car. The original plan was to drop an 13B REW engine from an RX7 into the car but I thought that seemed a little too easy! Onward then came the idea of a "Hybrid" engine. This basically involves replacing the RX8 housings with earlier RX7 housing to gain the peripheral exhaust ports. On top of this the plan is to turbocharge the car. As you can see I have very little room to do this but we'll make it work!



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Engine Out! and yes this was fully working prior to removal! Also of note is that I already had a five speed box installed on a six port engine. The 5 speed gearbox is basically an FD RX7 box with slightly different bellhousing (push type) and transfer case so should handle the higher power better.






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Had to take a bit of a break as I had a new born join us the end of last year! Still gathering parts at the moment. Have the complete rebuild kit now arrived 2 weeks ago.

I am sending the rotating assembly off to the UK today to be dynamically balanced with the rotors clearances. @rotormouse did the machining work on the rotors last week to accept the RX7 Apex seals. Once I get those bits back I'll have a lot to update.



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Congratulations on the new arrival!!

And very best of luck for the build. Very ambitious:) 

How are you planning to block off the exhaust ports on the MSP side plates?

I'd heard the Puerto Rican's were using high temperature liquid metal - but with generally poor/short-lived results

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