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Aido 8

This is how you could get greeted on RX8club.com

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That guy's a twat. Same guy that's over the "riced out rx8" page. Basically thinks he is god because he turbod his 8 before it was cool. If I'm honest tho, I don't like rx8club. The attitude there is very bad. Ask a question at all and get shot down because you didn't search through 10k+ threads that are all 12+ years old and from a time when people knew nothing about the car.

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Well its nice to see a bit of back bone here as some decide not to know him here but know how to give out about him on fb.

I guess its because its more private there lol. I couldn’t agree with you more but in the same breath I do most of my browsing there as topics and experiences of rx8 owners are never ending there. Ive had a experience with one of them that couldn’t do enough for me but it’s a thin line there if you know what I mean lol

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