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Stubby ARB Brackets?

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The brackets the ARB mounts to is pretty crusty on my FD.

OEM replacements are 50quid each but the OEM design looks flimsy.

Researching uprated mounts, the seem to be mainly shorter to allow for lowered cars. Anyone gone down this route?

These FEED ones are in my RHD Japan basket at the minute


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I bought a good used pair of ARB mounts as mine were knackered (probably because it was lowered) when I bought it so I was either going to install & modify those or else I looked at these alternatives:


1) DM-Motorsport in the UK do these, 22mm shorter so modelled from the FEED ones in all liklihood looking at the rest of the design:


2) Re-Amemiya "Stabilizer Bridge Bar" which replaces the brackets - just couldn't figure out if they mounted the ARB higher up or not compared to stock:


3) KTS "Super Stabi Brace Bar" which does the same as above & seems to be the exact same design more or less as the Re-Am; again couldn't figure out if the height was different:



Hope that helps! :)

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Cheers JP. DM Motorsport ones not in stock and wouldn't rely on them being made soon. 


Like you say, not sure if the stabiliser bars are shorted, I think not so might go with the FEED ones if I've other stuff to order. Must get a new OMP oil line at least.

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Yeah that's fair enough.

You could email RHD & ask I'm sure, explaining that you can't see any of the details on their website or the KTS/Re-Am websites? (if the bridge bars were a suitable alternative for just the brackets)

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