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Irish Rotary App  

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  1. 1. Would You use the forum more if there was a dedicated mobile app?

    • Yes on Android
    • Yes on Ios (iphone)
    • Not really
    • I have a better idea to encourage activity here

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1.Ok so for improving activity yez want to spend more time on the forum your selves :D

2.The other thing that springs to mind is kill Facebook but all the forums are hurting from it and are all quite because of this.:rolleyes:

3.Only for jp mostly lately  and maybe 4 others are keeping this forum  going.:mellow:

4.For me I feel the forum is on Auto pilot so maybe share the work load and get another moderator.

5.Ap means didly to me as I have little to no time to come on as I work alot. So when I want to have a gander on the rotary forums its the home laptop and Its mostly RX8 forums I go on like UKOC or rx8club.com firstly and mostly only.

Reason for this is there is quite a few specialists on there giving advice and also selling some exciting products and getting people more  interested in these specialists and the rx which also is educating people more and more on what X,Y, and Z does in our cars . They welcome and answer even silly questions  and come across very professionallyB) .

From what I seen in Kirkistown we have specialists with Exciting projects Going on like Alan Woods with his 20b rx8 just to give one example.Also you could not get a nicer and more helpfull and informative  specialist than Antony Grumley of shadow Rorary

We need these guys on this forum it's that simple for me 100%.

They need to made more aware  that they are a big factor on how strong the rotary community can grow in Ireland with a great little forum like ours. I would put the pressure on them to give 10 - 20 minutes a week on the forum giving great advise etc as its in the long term of more benefit to them as there is less and less rotaries on the roads now as they are getting older so there will be less work for them.

Ive had pm's in the past about advise on rx8s and 3 different guys commented on how surprised how friendly and helpful we are compared to other forums.:)

Point is we are not FB so make the likes of Rotor sport, Shadow, R.A etc etc aware that they would be made very welcome and feel very much appreciated on here as we are a very friendly forum:)

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