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Eunos Roadster Vspec turbo

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Here is my other daily. It's a Japanese import, it used to be owned by a friend of mine, and my GF offered it to me for my birthday about 4 years ago. It was completely stock.


PZ black

B6 1.6L 115hp

Vspec trim, with the tan interior, and Nardi steering wheel and gearknob.





I've done a few mods since:


Wheels and suspension:

-Rota BM8 15x8 ET0 wheels

-Federal 595 RSR 195/50r15 at the front

-Yokohama Parada Spec 2 195/50r15 at the rear

-Gaz Shocks coilovers with 400lbs springs at the front, 275lbs rear

-NB top hats extended 20mm

-Steering rack risers 20mm



-1.8 discs and carriers all round

-Mintex M1144 brake pads

-MK2.5 15/16 master cylinder and booster



-Megasquirt MSPNP Gen 1 (MS1) ECU

-RX8 450cc/min yellow injectors

-Toyota MR2 Coil On Plugs on custom loom

-BMW E36 throttle position Sensor

-PLX AFR + MAP with DM-6 single gauge

-Holset HX25W turbo with Forge wastegate actuator

-Boost control solenoid

-home made "log" manifold, sch40 mild steel.

-Toyosport Intercooler on home made stainless piping.

-Forge 34mm dump valve

-Home made stainless down-pipe with EGT and O2

-2.5" stainless exhaust.

-Mazda 323 GTX cam cover

-Removed useless stuff and moved other stuff around



-1.8 flywheel, lightened.

-XTD 6+6 puck cerametallic disc with oem pressure plate

-oem 5 speed box

-Mk2 1.8 Torsen diff, 3.9cwp, PU diff mounts.



-TRLane UK rollbar with harness bar

-Vspec 93+ doorcards with stainless teardrop speaker covers

-KGworks style rear view mirror

-Foam removed from both seats

-Short shifter with 2" extender, NB Nardi gearknob



-Mohair soft top with glass from a mk2

-Offset reg bracket

-fixed antenna

-Runabout v1 petrol cap



It makes 230hp at 0.9b, and runs well like that.


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