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Mazda-Fest 2017 Driver tuition?????

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Hi everybody! 

I started a new topic just so it wont get confusing on the original Event topic...

So i was on to Donal O'Neill from Trackskills, he does sit in driver tuition at a lot of track days, he is also one of only three senior A.R.D.S. instructors in Ireland. 

I know there are quite a few drivers down with track time experience including myself but i have never had tuition in my own rx8 so id be fairly keen on taking Donal's offer up, i think it would be a great opportunity for people especially if it is their road car they will be driving on the day to test the limits of their vehicle under the guidance of someone with such a wealth of experience, but for anyone who has never had an instructor at a track day or even has never had a car on track Donal will be able to cater to all levels of experience to help improve your driving, improve your lap times and your confidence on track.

The Format we are hoping to achieve on the day will be 4 groups of cars with 4 sessions per hour meaning 20 sessions for the day, which will be roughly around 8-10 laps per session, so that equates to every driver getting between 40-50 laps each. This means we can have 20 sessions of driver tuition.

The cost will be £15 for a session with Donal which will be paid on the day, when taken into context it is a very reasonable cost and money well spent in my eyes considering what you will learn through even one session with Donal.

as i said there will be a maximum of 20 sessions so there will only be 20 spaces available...if you would like one just comment below with your name 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask


1. John (Mazda rx8)

2. Ian Kirwan (Mazda mx5)

3. Jon Hill (Mazda mx5)

4. Dave kilbean (Mazda rx8)

5. Dara O'Brien (Mazda rx?)

6. Joe Hughes (Mazda rx8)

7. James pike (Mazda mx5)

8. Yasir yassin (Mazda rx7 FC)

9. James O Connor (Mazda rx7 FD)

10. Richie De Courcy (Mazda rx8)

11. Patrick McKenna (Mazda rx8)

12. Jonathan babb (Mazda mx5)

13. Con furey (Mazda rx?)

14. Ambrose furey (Mazda rx8)

15. Dave Emerson (Mazda rx8)

16. JP o Mara (Mazda RE-MX5)

17. Nicolas Skrotzky (Mazda rx7 FC)

18. Scott Kidd (Mazda rx8)

19. Steven Theed (Mazda rx7)

20. Patrick Gabbett (Mazda mx5)

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