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Automatic Transmission

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Automatic Transmission Oil BOLK BOL-F021000
for your MAZDA RX 8 (SE17) 2.6 Wankel (241Hp)
Automatic Transmission Oil BOLK - BOL-F021000

Automatic Transmission Oil
BOLK - Ref: BOL-F021000

SpecificationDEXRON III
Capacity [Litre]2 Liters
SpecificationMB 236.7
SpecificationAllison C-3/C-4
SpecificationFord MC 138 CJ
SpecificationCaterpillar TO-2
Technical InformationOil intended for use in automatic transmissions – for vehicles for which the manufacturers recommend oil that meets the Dexron -III standard
Manufacturer references (OEM codes)
- MERCEDES-BENZ : 236.15
Hi guys i just saw this oil specfic for RX8 Automatic Transmission is this the engine oil will i get it ADVISE PLEASE

utomatic Transmission Oil BOLK BOL-F021000

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