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Rex Ruthor

Merry Christmas Rotards

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Just wanted to take a minute to wish you all a happy Christmas and to thank everyone for the advice, information, help and just being generally really f'ing cool guys - pleasure to be involved with Irish Rotary.

@littlefeck and @jp - cheers for keeping the site going and for the epic Dyno day - looking forward to 2017!

@Aido 8 @Chazz - see you both at the next meet - no excuses ;)

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Only for I have been changed to working all Sundays I would have been to a meet or 2:)

No doubt I will be booking a Sunday off or a weekend when I have the RX8 back on the road in May to see you guys at a meet and @Rex Ruthor  you can try this Racing beat flywheel out as promised.B)

Also hope to meet up with the good men Richie and Peter and jp in the new year sometime for more coffee's when they are down west again yeahhh!.

Happy new year also to all ye rotorheads:)

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