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RX8 won't rev beyond 3,100rpm in 5th and 6th gear

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Back in the saddle again! Or as Willie Nelson sings “On the road again…!”:D

Well to finish of this topics heading, it was all down do a badly rebuilt engine lasting only 12,776 miles.:angry:

I did get to educate myself a lot over the past few months about how everything inside the engine bay is connected and gave me a change to remove and clean out various parts that I’d never done before i.e. SSV, VDI, Injectors, Throttle Body, Fuel Pump etc., and testing the ECU connectors all in vain trying to diagnose the problem.

Anyway, I now have a newly rebuilt and ported engine done by the Rotary Master Engineers at Shadow Rotary, Anthony and Eoin. These two guys are the most knowledgeable, information sharing and friendliest. They explain everything you need to know and more.

Not only did the guys rebuild and port my engine, but they also removed unnecessary parts of the VFAD system. Also re-routed the coolant lines so it no longer flows through the Throttle Body as it is not necessary, as we do not get artic weather conditions here. Why have hot coolant running around the Throttle Body housing warming the airflow through it…cold airflow is the best.:)

The lads also changed the front brake pads to the new pads I had sitting in the boot for the past 6 month I never go around to replacing myself. They also polished everything. Here is an example of the polished Throttle Body and Alternator. WOW! Now that was unexpected.:D



Shadow Rotary are the best as many owners out there can testify to this.

Accept No Substitute! I did back in July 2015 and it was costly and disappointing.

So to end, I hope this topic was informative and entertaining to all, as it was for me.


P.S. Did I mention Shadow Rotary!:)


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Absolutely tremendous  news Carl delighted for yah chapieB) . All the heart ache that other engine caused you is a distant memory now aye.;)

This new ported engine will give you a greater  motivation  and enthusiasm for the car as I'm sure you are feeling now:). And  Yah won't be long joining myself and Richie in the 300 mile club that's a promise mateB)

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