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Hey all . my rx8 is grinding in 4th gear when in the high rpm range . any solutions for this ? it's perfect when driving normally. 

Is there any rebuild kits out there for this . my dad's a mechanic so it wouldn't be me rebuilding it. if there are not kits it's there any place around cork that could rebuild this and what cost roughly would I be looking at .

I'd also look in to getting a new transmission if there is anywhere I can buy a new one. can't see any online just all old ones .

Any help appretiated .

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Firstly I'd try changing the transmission oil - try red line mt90 which may help.

if not, chances are you may need a replacement or rebuilt. If your father is a mechanic, I'd forgo the costly ballache of trying to track down a new transmission from Mazda - I'd try get a recon one or get your father to rebuild it - much cheaper. 

There are lots of gearboxes around especially in the uk and, I'm sure the likes of Shadow Rotary in Dublin would be able to look after you. Try the oil first, you can get it from pro parts in blanchardstown for €27 per bottle (you'll need 2) or online from Opie oils in the UK for £29 for two bottles (plus delivery)

if you're going to try that, may as well get two bottles of redline 75w90 and change the diff oil while you're at it

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I don't know of any "kits" as it were so it might be worth pricing up some parts from Mazda. Failing that, try & find a good box from a breaker - look in the National & International rotary parts sticky thread in the General section: there are a few breakers around the country, one or two up North & plenty of them in the UK if all else fails.

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