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Mx5 Vs. Rx7

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Hi guys,

Havent been active in a long time but still considering getting an Rx7 (Fd3s), however there is still a conflict going on in my head as to what I should get (I like certainty and I want to decide even if it may be further down the line.)

The car I have been wanting for quite a while now is definitely the rx7, but with time the idea has come in where i can buy an mx5 mk1, as its also got some charm to it, and the pop up lights :P. If I where to get an mx5 there I would be making upgrades and building it to some degree, as its the cheaper car so i can afford to do that.

What i wanted to know though for the rx7 if i was to get one, a rough breakdown cost would be pretty cool please :) I would probably make it into my daily/regular car, as I dont need to use it to get to work just weekends or stuff like that, would be doing a bit of motorway driving on it.


Any ideas/suggestions would be great thanks!

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When you say cost, what're you talking about? Fuel (consumption), tax, NCT, insurance, typical service costs, parts costs?

An MX5 in everything other than possibly tax (unless you get a 1.6L MX5 or the RX7 is pre-94 taxed as a 1.3L) will usually always be cheaper - take this from someone who's owned both.

MX5 MK1s can be bought for between €1000-2000 currently & FD RX7s can be bought for between €5K-13K depending on whether you pick up a bargain or order something very tidy & up in the years from Japan.

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Im mainly referring to fuel costs and insurance. Since I'm only 22 im sure all the insurance companies would be excited at the prospect of bending me over the barrel with a premium. And as much as I do want an rx7 i think the thing holding me back the most is the money I would probably spend.

I think for both cars I'd spend plenty of $$ on since I'd be picky about how the overall condition/quality of the car.

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