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Found 6 results

  1. Here is the build thread to go with my very bad idea of an RX8 project car. The original plan was to drop an 13B REW engine from an RX7 into the car but I thought that seemed a little too easy! Onward then came the idea of a "Hybrid" engine. This basically involves replacing the RX8 housings with earlier RX7 housing to gain the peripheral exhaust ports. On top of this the plan is to turbocharge the car. As you can see I have very little room to do this but we'll make it work!
  2. Appologies for the clickbait title On this "7 day" here is something that I've been meaning to post for a while... Long time Mazda enthusiast, dailying a mx5 Mk1 turbo for a few years, a friend of mine mentioned a few times that he knew of a Mazda that had been in storage for many years and that has infamous rotary engine. He remembers seing the car but is unsure of what it was. I'm trying to convince myself that it's probably an uninteresting diesel estate of some sort, and that to keep the girlfriend happy, another car is probably not the best idea anyway. A few months go by, and my friend keeps telling me that we are always welcome to see that car, a few hundred meters from his place in Cork. It's the beginning of 2014, and we setup to see the car. It's early 2014 and we visit David and his wife Barbara. David bought the car 16 years ago. From the brown logbook, we can see that the car was sold by the main dealer in Dublin. He and never really drove it as the car was too low and too fast for him. David is sick, and cannot speak anymore. He shows me a few pictures of the car back in the days: David and his wife mention that they would like to sell the car. I manage to convince the GF that we may invest in more rust. She doesn't even change the locks, so I take it as a yes. The next day, I visit David and Barbara, and make them an offer, and after 24h of unbearable suspens, I own an RX7 that I haven't seen running yet. What could go wrong.
  3. Project Leroy Popping an FD lump in my 8 recipe for diaster lol
  4. Soooo I have a feeling the bearing is gone in my turbo. I should have inspected it before now before mounting it to the engine. There is an awful lot of play in the shaft. There was never an issue before I stripped the block but it could have been coming. Stock FC turbo is HT18s-2S. Who would I get to rebuild it? Cheers
  5. Here is my other daily. It's a Japanese import, it used to be owned by a friend of mine, and my GF offered it to me for my birthday about 4 years ago. It was completely stock. PZ black B6 1.6L 115hp Vspec trim, with the tan interior, and Nardi steering wheel and gearknob. I've done a few mods since: Wheels and suspension: -Rota BM8 15x8 ET0 wheels -Federal 595 RSR 195/50r15 at the front -Yokohama Parada Spec 2 195/50r15 at the rear -Gaz Shocks coilovers with 400lbs springs at the front, 275lbs rear -NB top hats extended 20mm -Steering rack risers 20mm Brakes: -1.8 discs and carriers all round -Mintex M1144 brake pads -MK2.5 15/16 master cylinder and booster Engine: -Megasquirt MSPNP Gen 1 (MS1) ECU -RX8 450cc/min yellow injectors -Toyota MR2 Coil On Plugs on custom loom -BMW E36 throttle position Sensor -PLX AFR + MAP with DM-6 single gauge -Holset HX25W turbo with Forge wastegate actuator -Boost control solenoid -home made "log" manifold, sch40 mild steel. -Toyosport Intercooler on home made stainless piping. -Forge 34mm dump valve -Home made stainless down-pipe with EGT and O2 -2.5" stainless exhaust. -Mazda 323 GTX cam cover -Removed useless stuff and moved other stuff around Transmission: -1.8 flywheel, lightened. -XTD 6+6 puck cerametallic disc with oem pressure plate -oem 5 speed box -Mk2 1.8 Torsen diff, 3.9cwp, PU diff mounts. Interior: -TRLane UK rollbar with harness bar -Vspec 93+ doorcards with stainless teardrop speaker covers -KGworks style rear view mirror -Foam removed from both seats -Short shifter with 2" extender, NB Nardi gearknob Exterior: -Mohair soft top with glass from a mk2 -Offset reg bracket -fixed antenna -Runabout v1 petrol cap It makes 230hp at 0.9b, and runs well like that.
  6. Hey guys, I've set this up so we all have one place combine our pics, dyno results, videos etc from the day Post away below..
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