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Found 3 results

  1. warpc0il

    MazdaFest 2018

    August 18th 2018 - as per the calender entry. All the related discussion has been on the FB group, as the forum was down when this was announced. https://www.facebook.com/events/1022205701264354/ All the track slots have been taken but all welcome for the show-n-shine or just for the craic. Still room for camping and BBQ, Friday & Saturday nights, at our place, just down the road from the track https://goo.gl/maps/j3mKtfHZzgD2
  2. This is a copy of my post on the RX8 Owners Club forum Irish (NI & Eire) trip to Anglesey Circuit "The Anglesey Circuit has been proposed for a track day in the 2017 schedule, date TBD. It occurred to me that the circuit is only 20 minutes down the road from Holyhead, which has a regular ferry service from Dublin - you see where I'm going with this.... Anyway, I've done some digging and it's not as daft as it first seemed. There are two ferry operators on the Dublin-Holyhead route; Stenaline and Irish Ferries. The Stenaline ships are "Superfast" and do the journey in about 3.5 hours. The Irish Ferries boats take about the same but they also have the Dublin Swift, that cruises at 50 mph and only takes 1h 49m (weather permitting). The schedule for the Dublin Swift makes it possible to travel over in the morning, have 5 hours track time and return the same evening, thus saving on overnight costs. Alternatively, travel over in the evening, have all the next day at the track and back that evening. Either way they offer a Next Day (30 hour maximum) return ticket which saves ~£140 compared to normal single fares. Currently they are quoting £184 (Up to 30 June & Sept – 15 Dec) and £209 (July – Aug & 16 Dec – 5 Jan 18) per car with up to four adults. Both operators offer special discounts for groups of cars travelling together, though neither give any specific details on their website, other than Stenaline have a minimum group of 10 cars, while Irish Ferries will give discounts for groups of five and over - another bonus for IF. So, to keep thing simple, I'm only looking at Irish Ferries and, preferably, Dublin Swift sailings. As mentioned at the top of this post, the date(s) for Anglesey have yet to be set and therefore, if a large enough contingent from the island of Ireland were to be interested, then this may become the determining factor. If we can get enough interest to go for group booking discount then I'm happy to make those arrangements, the track time etc with still be managed by the Events team. Please indicate, in the usual way, if you're interested in this trip. No commitment at this stage but please be realistic. I'm looking for a minimum of 8 cars on the list to justify opening a dialogue with Irish Ferries, on the basis that a few are bound to drop-off. In addition to the ferry fares, there will also be your own costs to Dublin and the track time itself. Also check that you have some recovery service available if, by any chance, your car were to breakdown during your scenic tour of the Anglesey countryside and may have to be recovered home (worse case). Personally, if my car were to go bang around the track then it would be a good excuse to get her "recovered" to Uncle Ben for a rebuild and some porting. However, she's not let me down on any of the trackdays in the past, so that's unlikely to be an option. While this thread will be the primary, I'm also posting the same on the IrishRotary forum, to increase the catchment area."
  3. Hey everyone, Over the years IrishRotary have done a few joint trackdays, meets etc in conjunction with the SXOC (Nissan 200SX Owners' Club) here in Ireland, and they've extended the invite to their main event 'The SXOC Weekender' in the UK to other clubs this year (including RX8OC UK). As a former Nissan S-body (S13/14/15/SX/Silvia) owner I've been at every Weekender for the last 8 years or so & it's always been an absolute blast!! This thread is purely about registering interest in the notion of heading over. I'll be going regardless as will a few others from Ireland from the SXOC so there'll be a good few Irish folk heading over on the ferry (usually the ~8am boat on the Friday morning. Here are the details: http://www.sxoc.com/vbb/showthread.php?584409-The-Weekender-2016!!!!!!!-The-details-thread IrishRotary Calendar link here (including RSVP): http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/calendar/event/17-trackday-camping-weekender-in-uk/ Who is up for something like this? Admittedly every year I've driven over in my own car to a Nissan event it has been in a rotary!! (RX7, then RX8) This year will be no exception all going to plan but even if I'm not driving I'll end up passo'ing with someone & help keep the overall costs to get to/from the event down. If there's anything in that thread above that isn't covered, feel free to ask here & I'll fill in any gaps. Like I said, I've been going for 8 years religiously - it's always epic craic!!