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Found 26 results

  1. Considering selling my OEM Side Skirts. In fair condition, will certainly need paint and some repair work. Paint is cracked and some small cracks in the side skirts. Need €200 to consider selling them which I think is fair as they don't appear too often.
  2. Hiblads are there any 13bs out there for sale running or not doesnt matter, thanks
  3. STILL FOR SALE!! This is gonna be something I know I'll regret, but my plans have changed and I am selling my black FD. Anyone who was at 7s Day last year will know the car, but for those who don't, here is a brief run-down: 1995 RX-7 Type RZ Tuned by Esprit http://www.esprit.to/ I know of one other Esprit tuned FD, which was recently for sale in the UK for £28k. It didn't have anywhere near the spec of my car. I have a collection of bits that may or may not be included in the sale, depending on price. Here are some of the features of the car from memory: t04s single turbo, with custom stainless piping Esprit intercooler Apexi Power FC (mapped by Apexi, so its done 100% right) and hand commander. Full roll cage(through dash) including removable door bars, but needs to be fitted) Optional Mazda sideskirts (flexible type) Esprit rear light cover/spoiler FRP vented bonnet(not sure of make, but the only one I have seen) Esprit adjustable coilovers Brakes are the standard size RZ ones, which are larger than other FD setups. Diff was welded by previous owner..... but I have a spare good one. Wheels are Gunmetal BBS RZ specific rims Exhaust is unknown brand but with shotgun style tailpipes RZ Carbon Kevlar Recaro seats, recently retrimmed with genuine Recaro covers, so they are mint! Rear wiper was removed. Large tacho Boost gauge RZ Passenger footrest is still present Also few other bits I'll discuss with the new owner. Options - I can do a deal with some or all of these parts. Volk SF Challenge (white) Knightsports twin blade wing(black supports with aluminium blades) RZ/RS spoiler(red), originally from my other car Mazdaspeed SP high level rear spoiler Full Blitz Nur Spec, almost new. Removed because of meeing a Garda with overly sensitive hearing. Further options I can source almost anything for the car from Japan for whomever buys it, for zero commission, but only for them and to be used on this car. I also have an Re-Amemiya ast, brand new and a pair of Shine Auto carbon side vents as well as a couple of steering wheels and gearknobs. Bad bits Its not all rosey - there are a few things I need to mention as I don't believe in misleading anyone. Door cards and dash were badly damaged by previous owner trying to fit the cage. However, these can easily be replaced. Carpet was removed, as was almost all of the rear plastics. I can supply a black carpet which I bought for the other car if needed, as well as some of the plastic parts. Cage needs to be fitted properly. Not a big job, but something that would be done if I had driven the car more than once. A raft of additional bars came with it, so its very comprehensive and solid. Or, just remove it Previous owner had a lot of stickers on the car which I didn't like. All came away ok bar one, which lifted a small patch of paint near the rear arch. Car is not registered yet, so no Irish plates. I didn't intend to use it away from track, so it never bothered me. I do have all of the import paperwork however The car had to be moved recently as the roof of the shed was about to cave in. She started fine but the clutch pedal was on the floor. I'll get this sorted I have already been asked for the turbo kit and engine, but would rather not see the car broken for parts. If it doesn't sell as a complete car, then I might be tempted to break it, but it'll be first come, first served, no holding parts for anyone. Price - advertised on FDUK for £15k GBP and have had lots of interest, but when they here it isn't on their street, nevermind country, they loose interest. The only other Esprit tuned FD was up for £28k GBP. I'm not going to dream of expecting anywhere near that. I just ask that nobody takes the piss with any low-ball offers or swaps, its a cash only deal. When someone does actually come to view it, I'll do a cash deal with them in person, not via phone/text/email etc So, if your after a hardcore, well tuned track prepped FD, this is for you. If your after a rare model RX-7, which will without doubt increase in value, I'll supply most of the bits to return the car to standard RZ spec. Sorry I dont have pics here, but I can send via whatsapp 0-8-7- seven four seven -5045 Just a heads up, the price of an RZ in Japan has gone through the roof. You won't get one back here for double what I'm asking
  4. Mazda RX7 FC3S factory/standard/OEM fuel tank, steering, engine bay & drivetrain parts for sale. Only the parts in the pictures are for sale so please only ask about those - nothing else is available. All parts seem to be in pretty good/straight/working order; may have scratches/blemishes etc from being moved/stored/age but are as shown in the pictures. All parts sold on a good faith basis as working & buyers can feel free to test/inspect them on collection. Original fuel tank (comes with everything you see here): €60 N/A propshaft (apparently a different length to the turbo propshaft): €40 Anti-roll bars / ARBs (Front & Rear): €60 Battery box (cracked): €20 Front brake discs - plain (plenty left on them): €20 for the pair Flywheel: €50 Clutch cover & wear-plate (seems to have a lot of life left in it): €20 for both Viscous fans: €10 each Water pump housings including water pumps: €15 each Suspension arms (rear), wishbone, ball joint: €15 each Front hub x2 €10 each 4 pot front caliper: €20 Single pot rear caliper: €10 Rear discs: €20 for the pair Shock absorbers + springs (rear x2 & front x1): €15 for all 3 Hub Carriers (Left & right): €15 each Brake booster: €10 Heat Shield: €10 Gearbox mount €10 Boot lid & fuel cap & bonnet lockcables €10 each Bonnet lock: €15 Wiper linkage & front wiper motor: €20 each Coolant tank & washer fluid tanks: €15 each Windscreen washer motor: €10 Bonnet rod €20 Speedometer cable €20 Power steering pump with pulley & reservoir tank: €40 Power steering reservoir tank: €10 Power steering hoses & oil cooler hoses: €10 each Oil Cooler: €20 Air flow meter x2: €Not For Sale FC3S N/A Airbox: €20 Steering Column: €40 Engine mount (unknown side): BROKEN - Not for sale. Steering rack, tie-rods & rod-ends: SOLD Please either PM on here or call (rather than text): +353 83 1289 800 Collection only from Sandyford, Dublin. ** Again, no other parts than what you see above are available. **
  5. For Sale: RX7 FC3S OEM Wiper Arms, Interior Trim, switches, Rubbers, Mats & Misc Mazda RX7 FC3S factory/standard interior body panels, plastic trim, rubbers, floor mats & other miscellaneous hoses, looms etc for sale. Only the parts in the pictures are for sale (bar the white spoiler which isn't for sale) so please only ask about those - nothing else is available. All plastics/rubbers/trims/parts seem to be in pretty good/straight order; may have scratches/blemishes etc from being moved/stored/age but are as shown in the pictures. All parts sold on a good faith basis as working & buyers can feel free to inspect/test them on collection. Floor mats (rear passenger mat missing): €40 Wiper arms: €10 each; cables €15 each; hoses free with any other purchase Upper door card trims: €20 each Switches/switch units: €20 each Door rubbers: €20 each Rear-view mirror: €20 All other interior plastics etc: €15 each; buy 6 or more for €10 each. Please either PM on here or call (rather than text): +353 83 1289 800 Collection only from Sandyford, Dublin. ** Again, no other parts than what you see above are available. **
  6. Mazda RX7 FC factory/standard body panels for sale. Only the parts in the pictures are for sale so please only ask about those - nothing else is available. All panels/parts seem to be in pretty good/straight order; may have scratches/blemishes etc from being moved/stored/age but are as shown in the pictures. All parts sold on a good faith basis as working & buyers can feel free to test them on collection. Bonnet (steel): €120 Right-hand side (driver) door: €100 Left-hand side (passenger) door: €100 Popup Headlights €200 per pair, headlight motors €40 each, fuel filler flap/fuel filler doors €40 each, left-hand-side (passenger) complete door mirror including glass €80: Rear boot glass / rear windscreens (2 available) including boot struts €200 each: Please either PM on here or call (rather than text): +353 83 1289 800 Collection only from Sandyford, Dublin. ** Again, no other parts other than what you see above are available. **
  7. A friend needs a brake master cylinder for an FD in perfect working order - has anyone got one?
  8. This topic has come up a good few times so I felt we should have a thread to list the regular places that rotary parts are available. "Why not just Google it?" Well yes, you can but sometimes there are stores that Google doesn't find or you can't remember the name of that one place that did 'X' product, etc. This also keeps it very focused on rotary related parts & as we all know they can be a special breed & are occasionally rare or hard-to-find. Please feel free to post more websites etc below (with the same kind of info as shown) & we can add them to this first post as time goes on. Same goes if you know of a link that doesn't work or a shop that's gone out of business, post up & the list will be updated. I would hope that it doesn't need to be said but just in case: these websites are not endorsed by IrishRotary nor have they necessarily been vetted/deemed legitimate (however any that we become aware of that are dodgy will be removed sharpish) - please keep your wits about you for your own sake when buying anything online or offline. In no particular order or preference/type & only grouped by major location: Ireland IrishRotary's own Traders selling a variety of products & services relevant to rotaries: http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/forum/27-traders-sponsors/ Local Irish rotary mechanics/garages that may be able to supply new/used parts as well as labour: http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10796-rotary-garages-mechanics-service-providers-list/ Japspeed - Aftermarket & self-branded parts: http://www.japspeed.ie/ Martin Cahill Dismantlers - Engines, used parts, etc in Ballyjamesduff Co. Cavan +353 49 8544 444: http://www.findapart.ie/Car_Parts_MAZDA_RX-8.html Mick's Garage - Aftermarket new parts & consumables including brakes, wheel bearings, etc: https://www.micksgarage.com/home UK Mazda Rotary Parts ('MRP') - New Genuine Mazda, OEM, & aftermarket parts store: http://www.mazdarotaryparts.com/ Racing Beat Europe (same company as MRP) - American 'Racing Beat' aftermarket products sold from the UK: http://www.racingbeateurope.com/ Pettit Racing UK - American 'Pettit Racing' aftermarket products (including supercharger kits) sold from the UK: http://www.pettitracing.co.uk/ Toyosports UK - Aftermarket parts including exhausts, manifolds, etc: http://www.toyosports.co.uk/ Rotary Revs - New Genuine Mazda, OEM, & aftermarket parts store uprated D585 & R969 Ignition Coil kits for RX8: http://www.rotaryrevs.com/ Auto-Electrics UK - Uprated Series 2/'R3' RX8 high-torque 'N3R3-18-400' 14-tooth starter motor (€155 plus postage of €12 approx.): http://stores.ebay.ie/Auto-Electrics-UK Triple B Engineering - New & used aftermarket performance parts, UK Dealer for 'Atkins Rotary' parts & Megasquirt ECUs +44 7411 267748: https://www.facebook.com/TripleBMotorsports/ White Horse Tools - Assorted tools for dismantling engine bays etc including "Bergen Clic R Type Pliers" for removing the retaining clips on the boost and vacuum lines: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/whitehorsetools/ Performance Motorsport Parts - New, aftermarket performance parts including a stainless steel MOT-friendly sports cat (decat pipe alternative) for RX8: http://stores.ebay.ie/performancediscs/ Ryan Rotary Performance - Genuine Mazda, self-branded & aftermarket parts store: https://www.ryanrotaryperformance.com/shop JP4mance Parts - Aftermarket parts including spark plugs: http://stores.ebay.ie/JP4mance-Tuning-Parts/MAZDA-/_i.html?_fsub=10071314 US Atkins Rotary - Mazda OEM & self-branded rotary engine internals (seals etc) & engine building tools: https://www.atkinsrotary.com/ Mazdatrix - New Mazda Genuine, OEM, & aftermarket parts store: https://www.mazdatrix.com/ Black Halo Racing ('BHR') - OEM, aftermarket & self-branded parts store including uprated D585 Ignition Coil kits for RX8: http://black-halo-racing.myshopify.com/ Rotary Aviation - Self-branded rotary engine internals (seals etc) & Oil Metering Pump (OMP) adapters: http://www.rotaryaviation.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html Texas Rotary Experts ('T-Rex') - Aftermarket & self-branded parts including uprated D585 Ignition Coil kits for RX8: http://www.t-rexperts.com/ RX8 Performance - Aftermarket & self-branded parts including 13B-REW swap kits for RX8: http://www.rx8performance.com/ Elite Rotary Shop - Self-branded parts including 13B-REW swap kits for RX8: http://www.eliterotaryshop.com/ Detroit Muscle Technologies LLC - Aftermarket & self-branded products including uprated RX8 rear tail light gaskets: http://stores.ebay.ie/detroitmuscletechnologiesllc/ Japan RHD Japan - New Mazda Genuine, OEM, & aftermarket parts store: http://www.rhdjapan.com/ Nengun - New aftermarket parts store & auction site: http://www.nengun.com/ Super Autobacs - New aftermarket parts store: http://www.autobacs.com/static_html/shp/sa/index.html Autobacs Secohan - Used aftermarket parts store: https://secohan.autobacs.jp/ Upgarage / Croooober - New & Used aftermarket JDM parts store: http://www.upgarage.com/en/ & https://www.croooober.com/en/ Amayama - New Mazda Genuine, OEM parts store: https://www.amayama.com/en
  9. Did any of you see the latest episode of the National Geographic channel TV program Car SOS, featuring the RX7? First broadcast a couple of weeks ago but still being repeated. http://www.natgeotv.com/uk/shows/natgeo/car-s-o-s#episodes-t5 I can't get the NatGeo channel here, so had to resort to different means to obtain an MP4 copy. I can't put that vid up on youtube, as they'd take it down due to copywrong reasons, though I could share a file of GoogleDrive, if needed... It's well worth the time, especially the bit with Fuzz and Haywood pulling a rotary engine apart, plus the firbreglass guy is a hoot.
  10. Hi just bought a 1991 Mazda Rx7! Its been sat since 2012 and does need a fair bit of work ! The oreviosu owner said he stopped driving it as it was down on compression , anyone know where I could get a rebuild done in or near Dublin ? Also is there anyone breaking an Rx7 ? Heres a photo of the car , collected her today ! cheers
  11. Hello, im looking for a good RX7 FD rolling shell, or a cheap but not rusty or rotten complete car. I hope someone can give me a hint. Thank you in advance
  12. So just wondering if anyone has attempted this locally? http://www.rx7club.com/adaptronic-engine-mgmt-aus-311/how-galaxy-7-pad-install-adaptive-tuner-stereo-gps-more-1037541/ I will eventually be putting in an Apexi ECU and i know you can connect it with a tablet so just thinking this may be an interesting way of doing it, could use Waze for maps and get a data contract with it. Maybe even a reversing camera.... Probably simpler to buy one of those doubledin android stereos but I find the positioning is not great inside the car so the tablet would be more flexible. (also not sure the apexi stuff would work with them) Anyway just floating around some ideas.
  13. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has a link handy to site that would sell a kit of brake discs and pads (4x) for a 96 Mazda RX7 FD3S? My own are a bit shaky and have a bit of a lip, pads are not that old but I figure I might as well change them while I am at it. I found this pair on Micks Garage: https://www.micksgarage.com/search/brake discs/mazda/mazda rx7/rx 7 mk iii 1992 to 2002/wankel twin turbo/239 and there is loads of options for brake pads: https://www.micksgarage.com/search/brake pads/mazda/mazda rx7/rx 7 mk iii 1992 to 2002/wankel twin turbo/239 Thanks
  14. I'm looking for a set of 17" wheels to suit an FD3S RX7 that'll fit under the standard arches (so 8J min to 9.5J wide max). Ideally any of the Japanese makes (e.g. Rays, SSR, Advan, Enkei, etc) but no mesh-style wheels (e.g. BBS LM), preferably 6-spoke or 5-spoke but will consider others. What has anyone got?
  15. Mazda RX-7 FD Veilside bodykit for sale. The kit includes: 1) Fibreglass (FRP) front bumper including splitter (small damage on driver's side lip but still structurally sound) 2) Fibreglass (FRP) side skirts - left & right (underside of skirts has some paint removed, not noticeable unless under the car; box sections are cracked & may require some fibreglass repair work - doesn't affect fitting of the skirts & are still intact) 3) Rear spoiler with adjustable upper wing (paint can be seen cracking slightly on metal spoiler angle adjustment tab) All parts are in reasonable-to-good condition paintwork-wise as can be seen in the pictures. The price for everything collected is: €300
  16. Hello All, Not planning on looking at this for a while but wanted to start the conversation and see what people think. My own 7 still has its original paint but its getting quite faded (to much to be cleaned up anyway) The only place I have a bit of a rust issue is the boot window which I would like to get sorted but other than that its very clean. A few people have mentioned wrapping as a cheaper alternative that will offer the same effect so wanted to find out peoples experiences with either option? (Also I am having to replace the pop up light covers which will be provided unpainted so that will look off until I get this done) (not sure the pic will be visible) Thomas
  17. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone knows what happens after the ecu is reset. My own baby still has the factory standard and after a reset the first start the car has the usual issues, however on the second start the car works normally. Third start and thereafter the issues resume. Is there so.ething specific being done on the second start. As far as I can find out it takes up to 10 times engine on and off for it to recalibrate fully but not all that sure what it's doing. Any advice appreciated Thanks
  18. Due to a change of plans, I'm selling this. Lightweight Flywheel for rotary engines. Fits RX7 FC Turbo, FD3S, and RX8s Brand new in box 5.98kgs in Cork City, but can ship at buyer's expense 160€
  19. Hello, Does anyone near Cork have a spare catalytic converter that they know is in good working order and that I could buy off them? for a 1996 Mazda RX7 FD3S Thanks Thomas
  20. Hey guys, I've set this up so we all have one place combine our pics, dyno results, videos etc from the day Post away below..
  21. RX7 FD3 Drift Car + Full Wheel Setup £4500 ono Sad times, a move and loss of property is forcing sale. The bones of the build Running and Ready to Drift 1994, NI registered as 1.3, sorned about 91000km (49150m) original and running Non sequential turbo setup Koyo Radiator Front mount intercooler Power steering fluid cooler Twin oil coolers Secondary butterflys removed and ported engine lowered on alloy pucks Sump guard KTS SC Coileovers ABS properly Removed Battery located to behind pass seat Stainless Steel Gearbox brace Stainless Steel Diff brace Welded Diff Solid mounted Diff Modified for extra lock 40mm hub centric spacers all round Hydraulic Handbrake Short shift gear stick 6 point cage (not a dash dodger) Sparko rigid bucket drivers seat 4 point harness drivers and passenger Fire Extinguisher about all i can remember at the moment Hot Start Video at the bottom Usual drift car damage 2nd gear crunch when not rev matched 12 KRS Light Weight Multifit 18x7.5 5x100 / 5x114 with New Tyres all round plus 6 New 225x40 R18 tyres spare 4 Rota multi fit 17x7.5 5x114 with tyres 4 Standard RX7 with tyres Most of the rims are in good condition some have scars Mite Split the wheels etc contact me on leefitztyrone (at) hotmail co.uk [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_1497_zpsn7k4cq42.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_1492_zpsaswiwt5b.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_1500_zpsseogxkuj.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_1495_zps8aysiydc.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_1496_zpsmysnurpg.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_1494_zpsytxuekpv.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_1499_zpsxswxqesl.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_1567_zpssy9vvs4p.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_1565_zpsoghwdhem.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_1566_zps17g9rmvg.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_1564_zps2lhqxqoy.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_0906_zpsjvm5tv1j.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/leefitz88/media/RX7/IMG_2754_zpsnxjb8ixr.jpg.html][/URL]
  22. See link below (~81Mb PDF) - 1994 Workshop Manual: See link below (~77MB PDF) - 1993 Service Manual
  23. Brand new Competition Clutch for FD. Was only trial fitted. The 240mm plate can work in FC Turbo or RX8 too, but the clutch cover/pressure plate will only work in FDs The pressure plate is damaged as some genius removed the release bearing from it. you might be able to put back your old release bearing on it, but can't guarantee that as I haven't tried In Cork City, but can ship at buyer's expense *SOLD*
  24. Just pulled apart a standard engine and have a few bits I don't need. Car the engine came from is a 95 rx7 FD. 119k km. Engine was pulled due to low compression. Would run fine if started by using oil to boost compression. Coil pack with leads. €90 Can make HSD 8.5mm leads for €70 extra to suit. Standard Injectors + Rails - Secondary + Primary. €70 Pending Solenoid Rack, includes every solenoid for standard fd. €60. I can rebuild and fit for additional charge if required. Standard clutch. 7mm thick all round. Includes pressure plate with release bearing clip intact and ready to go. €15 Pending Turbo pack, front turbo is knackered but rear turbo is very good with minimal if any shaft play. Perfect if you want to rebuild your turbo pack and need 1 good turbo. €40 Would prefer collection as the majority of stuff is bulky and heavy but can post if required. All prices above are collected. Cheers, Mike
  25. Ok, soo I wrote up a quick spiel on the fb page about getting what I consider amazeballz mileage after gettin a rebuild and street port from shadow rotary. I'm going to keep track of my mileage when I can and put a log together in the coming months. For now I thought it'd be fun to post up our best mileage and whoever has the worst gets a free hug at the c&c I'll start. 2006 rx8, 6 speed, air pump delete, air con removal, under drive alloy pulleys, RB street port and rebuild by shadow (1100kms so far) Fuel used: €70 Fuel price: €1.30 Kms covered: 535 Mpg ~29 Handy online app for calculating http://www.torquecars.com/tools/uk-mpg-calculator.php
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