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Found 9 results

  1. Hiblads are there any 13bs out there for sale running or not doesnt matter, thanks
  2. Straight to the point. I helped find this example for my sister, now she has decided to sell....... I know, your thinking why don't I buy it! Well, truth is I want to, but she won't sell it to me as I already have a few cars taking up space at her place already.... damn. Also, the small matter of not having any spare cash. To be fair, the car is seldom used and is sitting waiting for someone to show it the open road once more. I am hoping, really hoping, someone on here buys it because I hate Dungdeal and the like with a passion. The car is in very good condition, recent compression test, carried out by MCON, showed engine to be very healthy. On a side note, MCON is a true gentleman and I'd highly recommend him to anyone needing a test done. I won't go into all the detail of the Evolve spec, because if your on here, you probably already know it. I don't have pics yet, but its almost exactly like this one: http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/mazda/rx-8/mazda-rx-8-evolve--special-edition-31000-miles-copper-red-1-former-keeper-fsh-excellent--------------2006/6812344 I'm sure there are pics and/or vids on the forum, somewhere. IMO, this model has the nicest interior of all RX-8s. The only obvious differences with her car are the gunmetal powder coated OEM wheels, and black OEM lip on the bootlid. The car has zero mechanical modifications. Its been serviced by Gerry Broderick Motorsport, who has an impressively high level of attention to detail and personally thinks its a fabulous car. It is off the road at the minute, so no tax. Car will come with 12 months NCT if full price is paid. Mileage is 90,000 miles / 146,000km. You would believe it to be half that, such is the condition of the car. When searching for this car originally, I was intrigued as to how other cars had much lower mileage, but much worse wear. Interesting that..... Lots of history with the car and happy to facilitate another compression test if required. Everything works, zero issues with any of the electrics. High quality Mineral oil used, with genuine Mazda filters. No short runs, engine always warmed up slowly and allowed to cool before shutoff. Has not been flooded in her ownership. As a result of the care it gets, it starts first time, every time. Idles beautifully and revs cleanly. Anyone who knows the car will attest to it being very well cared for and a solid, hassle free example of the breed. Buy with confidence. Price - €5,500. Once you have looked at a few other high spec RX-8s, then get in touch. You won't be disappointed. I honestly think the first person to view it will buy it.
  3. This topic has come up a good few times so I felt we should have a thread to list the regular places that rotary parts are available. "Why not just Google it?" Well yes, you can but sometimes there are stores that Google doesn't find or you can't remember the name of that one place that did 'X' product, etc. This also keeps it very focused on rotary related parts & as we all know they can be a special breed & are occasionally rare or hard-to-find. Please feel free to post more websites etc below (with the same kind of info as shown) & we can add them to this first post as time goes on. Same goes if you know of a link that doesn't work or a shop that's gone out of business, post up & the list will be updated. I would hope that it doesn't need to be said but just in case: these websites are not endorsed by IrishRotary nor have they necessarily been vetted/deemed legitimate (however any that we become aware of that are dodgy will be removed sharpish) - please keep your wits about you for your own sake when buying anything online or offline. In no particular order or preference/type & only grouped by major location: Ireland IrishRotary's own Traders selling a variety of products & services relevant to rotaries: http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/forum/27-traders-sponsors/ Local Irish rotary mechanics/garages that may be able to supply new/used parts as well as labour: http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10796-rotary-garages-mechanics-service-providers-list/ Japspeed - Aftermarket & self-branded parts: http://www.japspeed.ie/ Martin Cahill Dismantlers - Engines, used parts, etc in Ballyjamesduff Co. Cavan +353 49 8544 444: http://www.findapart.ie/Car_Parts_MAZDA_RX-8.html Mick's Garage - Aftermarket new parts & consumables including brakes, wheel bearings, etc: https://www.micksgarage.com/home UK Mazda Rotary Parts ('MRP') - New Genuine Mazda, OEM, & aftermarket parts store: http://www.mazdarotaryparts.com/ Racing Beat Europe (same company as MRP) - American 'Racing Beat' aftermarket products sold from the UK: http://www.racingbeateurope.com/ Pettit Racing UK - American 'Pettit Racing' aftermarket products (including supercharger kits) sold from the UK: http://www.pettitracing.co.uk/ Toyosports UK - Aftermarket parts including exhausts, manifolds, etc: http://www.toyosports.co.uk/ Rotary Revs - New Genuine Mazda, OEM, & aftermarket parts store uprated D585 & R969 Ignition Coil kits for RX8: http://www.rotaryrevs.com/ Auto-Electrics UK - Uprated Series 2/'R3' RX8 high-torque 'N3R3-18-400' 14-tooth starter motor (€155 plus postage of €12 approx.): http://stores.ebay.ie/Auto-Electrics-UK Triple B Engineering - New & used aftermarket performance parts, UK Dealer for 'Atkins Rotary' parts & Megasquirt ECUs +44 7411 267748: https://www.facebook.com/TripleBMotorsports/ White Horse Tools - Assorted tools for dismantling engine bays etc including "Bergen Clic R Type Pliers" for removing the retaining clips on the boost and vacuum lines: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/whitehorsetools/ Performance Motorsport Parts - New, aftermarket performance parts including a stainless steel MOT-friendly sports cat (decat pipe alternative) for RX8: http://stores.ebay.ie/performancediscs/ Ryan Rotary Performance - Genuine Mazda, self-branded & aftermarket parts store: https://www.ryanrotaryperformance.com/shop JP4mance Parts - Aftermarket parts including spark plugs: http://stores.ebay.ie/JP4mance-Tuning-Parts/MAZDA-/_i.html?_fsub=10071314 US Atkins Rotary - Mazda OEM & self-branded rotary engine internals (seals etc) & engine building tools: https://www.atkinsrotary.com/ Mazdatrix - New Mazda Genuine, OEM, & aftermarket parts store: https://www.mazdatrix.com/ Black Halo Racing ('BHR') - OEM, aftermarket & self-branded parts store including uprated D585 Ignition Coil kits for RX8: http://black-halo-racing.myshopify.com/ Rotary Aviation - Self-branded rotary engine internals (seals etc) & Oil Metering Pump (OMP) adapters: http://www.rotaryaviation.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html Texas Rotary Experts ('T-Rex') - Aftermarket & self-branded parts including uprated D585 Ignition Coil kits for RX8: http://www.t-rexperts.com/ RX8 Performance - Aftermarket & self-branded parts including 13B-REW swap kits for RX8: http://www.rx8performance.com/ Elite Rotary Shop - Self-branded parts including 13B-REW swap kits for RX8: http://www.eliterotaryshop.com/ Detroit Muscle Technologies LLC - Aftermarket & self-branded products including uprated RX8 rear tail light gaskets: http://stores.ebay.ie/detroitmuscletechnologiesllc/ Japan RHD Japan - New Mazda Genuine, OEM, & aftermarket parts store: http://www.rhdjapan.com/ Nengun - New aftermarket parts store & auction site: http://www.nengun.com/ Super Autobacs - New aftermarket parts store: http://www.autobacs.com/static_html/shp/sa/index.html Autobacs Secohan - Used aftermarket parts store: https://secohan.autobacs.jp/ Upgarage / Croooober - New & Used aftermarket JDM parts store: http://www.upgarage.com/en/ & https://www.croooober.com/en/ Amayama - New Mazda Genuine, OEM parts store: https://www.amayama.com/en
  4. This thread is a list of garages, mechanics & service providers around the island of Ireland that specialise in rotary vehicle & rotary engine work, repair, maintenance, tuning, diagnosis, rolling roads, etc. If you have had your rotary vehicle worked on by someone that isn't on this list & (after a while of trouble-free running) feel that they should be recommended, please post up here including at a minimum their: Name or Business Name: Location: at least their Town & County Contact: at least a contact name + number or their username on here Description: of the type(s) of work that they do e.g. Maintenance/engine builds/bodywork/etc Work you had done: that you're recommending them for & when it was carried out If anyone that is on the list would like their details amended please post on the thread below or PM either @littlefeck or myself. List updated: 03/08/2020 Business Name: Shadow Rotary Location: Unit 1, Windmill View, Blackchurch, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin (N7 Westbound approx. 1.5KM after large Applegreen at Rathcoole) Contact: Anthony 'Chief Wiggum' @ +353 (0)85 777 1808 / Eoin @ +353 (0)87 450 3938 Description: Rotary engine builds, servicing, porting, rotary compression testing, all things rotary (not bodywork). Name: Rotor Sport (Alan Woods) Address: 7 Ballynafoy Road, Annaclone, Banbridge, Co. Down, BT32 5BA Contact: +44 7803 034 962 / 07803034962 Description: Rotary engine builds, servicing, porting, rotary compression testing, all things rotary (not bodywork). Name: Fiachra 'FTOREX' Address: Coachford, Co. Cork Contact: via Personal Message (PM system on here) Description: Rotary engine builds, servicing, porting, all things rotary (not bodywork). Name: Stiv McPherson (MD Tuning) Location: Urlingford Business Park, Main Street, Urlingford Co. Kilkenny. Contact: +353 (0)56 883 8492 Description: Rotary engine tuning, rolling road. Name: Jamie 'Littlefeck' Location: Athy, Co. Kildare Contact: +353 (0)85 720 2383 Description: Remapping RX8s on stock/OEM ECUs (for engine-safety/longevity mods, aftermarket coil dwell timings adjusted, OMP output increases as per 2006+ OEM map revisions, etc), electrical issues. Name: Paddy Gorman 'Escort Outlaw' Location: Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow Contact: +353 (0)85 238 0233 Description: Rotary servicing, suspension work.
  5. Hi just bought a 1991 Mazda Rx7! Its been sat since 2012 and does need a fair bit of work ! The oreviosu owner said he stopped driving it as it was down on compression , anyone know where I could get a rebuild done in or near Dublin ? Also is there anyone breaking an Rx7 ? Heres a photo of the car , collected her today ! cheers
  6. I've not heard of much rotary drag racing to-date so when @rotormouse mentioned this to me & I was amazed to see that a 13B-powered Ford Escort MK1 (@paddynova may appreciate this... ) from Malta had set a European record for rotary drag-racing in Santa Pod on the 1/4 mile last year in 7.62secs: http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20150709/sport/Muscat-up-to-speed-at-Santa-Pod.575872 http://www.motorsportmalta.com/justin-muscat-breaks-another-european-record/ Check out the sound of it's previous record-setting pass (7.9secs) in this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PRN_xhUt8E Does anyone on here drag-race their rotary or follow any of the drag racing where rotaries feature?
  7. G'day everyone! You've asked for it so here it is: a rotary-specific diagnostics & dyno-day (otherwise known as a "Rolling Road Day") for the club where we get to not only check on the health of our mechanical Doritos & see what power they're actually making, but also get to meet up with other fellow rotorheads & witness some fresh research/learning/history in the making about rotaries & rotary compression testers! On the day there will be: 1) Dyno power-runs to see bhp/torque readouts, Air-Fuel Ratios, boost levels for those with turbo'd rotaries, etc - done by Stiv from MDTuning & coordinated by me @jp 2) Diagnostics / Reflashing / Non-dyno map adjustments for RX8s & possibly RX7s - coordinated by @littlefeck (Jamie) 3) Rotary Compression Testing with Mazda compression testers - done by @MCON & @seanmcg 4) Dyno-proven modification experiments on RX8s including intake changes, exhaust changes, and if we've time, coil & map changes. This will be done to serve the wider rotary community with hard data under controlled circumstances starting with a healthy base-level RX8, then as each part is replaced with an aftermarket/modified item, the same car will be run on the same dyno on the same day - thereby minimising any room for issue with the data we generate on the day, once and for all proving what mods (if any) make a positive/negative difference in isolation to a standard RX8. All this will be coordinated by @Chief Wiggum from Shadow Rotary. 5) Rotary Compression Tester Testing comparing & contrasting different Mazda & other rotary compression testers to see if there are variations between them & if so, what adjustments are needed to compare one to the other - coordinated by ...TBC. 6) CarBQ Food - Yep, that's right: it's a BBQ made out of a car! We'll be using this to cook up our lunch whether rain or shine! Alternatives are available in the local town for those with particular dietary needs. We're also looking for a volunteer to take the lead on this one & coordinate with someone else to help get the food in, ideally cook it & (ideally) not poison the rest of us - chefs or experienced BBQ folks preferred! Please ring/text/message/PM me if you'd enjoy a bit of BBQ'ing for a small group of hungry rotorheads. 7) Kiwimike's Birthday - we're just waiting to see if @kiwimike will turn up with a rotorcake! 8) General mechanical/electronic diagnostics & advice (& maybe help with fitting some small parts if there's interest) - this will be done by a combination of all the rotary-related experts & enthusiasts that will be present on the day & is subject to them being free from the other things they're doing on the day including enjoying themselves & having the banter! ...cause experts need a holiday too y'know... The Very Important Details... What: Rotary-specific Diagnostics & Dyno Day (BBQ lunch will be provided via CarBQ) Where: MD Tuning, Unit 8, Urlingford Business Park, Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny When: July 16th 2016 Time: 08:00 - 20:00 (Yep - an early start, a late finish & it's alllllll day!) Being realistic, most people will probably be leaving their house between 06:00 & 07:00 on that Saturday morning depending on where you are in the country assuming you're keeping to the speed limit. How much: €65 a head for a dyno-run paid in advance via IrishRotary Shop. €35 for a rotary compression test - payable on the day to the person doing the testing. Significant others: More than welcome & encouraged! FAQ: How do I reserve my place on the dyno? Pay via the IrishRotary Shop as above - once the slots are all bought there will be none left unless we manage to squeeze one or two in before the end of the day (these can be paid-for directly to JP on the day at the same rate as above). How do I reserve my place for getting my car compression-tested? Find & speak with @MCON and/or @seanmcg on the day. How about the diagnostics / reflashing etc? Either PM @littlefeck in advance to avoid disappointment as these things can take time, or chance your arm finding & speaking with him on the day - he'll be the chap with the laptop & a lot of cables with his head periodically stuck in the driver's footwell of an RX8. What if I need to know something on the day, who do I speak to? Me, JP - I'll be your go-to guy for the day. You'll figure out pretty quickly who I am as there's a good chance I'll be greeting you on the way in! What's a dyno run? Type "rolling road RX7/8" or "RX7/8 dyno run" into YouTube & you'll see for yourself. Can I turn up just for the 'meet'/social aspect & not dyno my car or get a compression test & still eat CarBQ food? Yes, once we know you'll be there at least 48hrs in advance - this is for security & so that we know how much food we'll need. We may ask you for a token donation of a few Euro towards the food if you're not dyno'ing your car. Will the event end once all the cars have been dyno'd? Maybe not: there seems to be some interest in heading out afterwards & staying in Kilkenny, as well as the possibility of a car show that we can get involved in to attend the next day - check out this thread in relation to the next day's event (Gowran FoS). Fan-freakin'-tastic!! Where do I sign up??? Just below... I will be in attendance & I'm mainly there for... (Copy & paste the list & add yourself to it) 1) JP - Dyno run, food, banter & being the go-to guy on the day 2) ...
  8. We travel around Australia hitting the road down under and spend 5 minutes inside the garage getting the story behind those awesome cars you see online! We have a YouTube channel called 'Inside Garage', check it out and tell us what you think! link below.This feature we check out John's awesome 1972 Mazda RX3. Taking out the top awards at Summernats and MotorEX. We get the story behind John and his famous "FATRX3".Check it out below!INSIDE GARAGE: '72 Mazda RX3 John's MAZDA RX3 'FATRX3' Follow us on YouTube and Facebook Facebook Page
  9. Hey guys, I've set this up so we all have one place combine our pics, dyno results, videos etc from the day Post away below..
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