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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I've set this up so we all have one place combine our pics, dyno results, videos etc from the day Post away below..
  2. As the Title says, What will you be bringing along this Saturday?
  3. littlefeck

    Annual Rotary Meetup

    Ok I decided to combine all this into one thread. We are organising our yearly meet up for this month on the weekend of the 16th and 17th of July. The plan is as follows: 1) Meet up early in Urlingord Co. Kilkenny where we have a dyno booked for the day. BBQ will be in full swing too! 2) Head to Kilkenny City for a few drinks/socialising that evening. 3) Head to the Gowran Festival Of Speed the following day. So Now the details. 1) 3D Dyno Day The Dyno day has been organised by the beautiful @jp.Places for use on the dyno are very limited but there may be additional space on the day. All details can be found Here: 2) Night Out The Night Out will be more an informal gathering in Kilkenny city. Details will be updated on the day but quite a few of us wil be staying in the Aspect Hotel Kilkenny. This is on the outside of the city but has ample parking for our cars. They have very few rooms left for the day and their website is http://www.aspecthotelkilkenny.com/ 3) Gowran Festival of Speed This is the annual gowran park car meet - see main thread here: Gowran is only out side Kilkenny. Admission is only €10 but you can book time on their track by downloading the entry form on their website http://www.gowranfos.com/ Hope ye can all make it as its promising to be a great weekend!