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Found 1 result

  1. STILL FOR SALE!! This is gonna be something I know I'll regret, but my plans have changed and I am selling my black FD. Anyone who was at 7s Day last year will know the car, but for those who don't, here is a brief run-down: 1995 RX-7 Type RZ Tuned by Esprit http://www.esprit.to/ I know of one other Esprit tuned FD, which was recently for sale in the UK for £28k. It didn't have anywhere near the spec of my car. I have a collection of bits that may or may not be included in the sale, depending on price. Here are some of the features of the car from memory: t04s single turbo, with custom stainless piping Esprit intercooler Apexi Power FC (mapped by Apexi, so its done 100% right) and hand commander. Full roll cage(through dash) including removable door bars, but needs to be fitted) Optional Mazda sideskirts (flexible type) Esprit rear light cover/spoiler FRP vented bonnet(not sure of make, but the only one I have seen) Esprit adjustable coilovers Brakes are the standard size RZ ones, which are larger than other FD setups. Diff was welded by previous owner..... but I have a spare good one. Wheels are Gunmetal BBS RZ specific rims Exhaust is unknown brand but with shotgun style tailpipes RZ Carbon Kevlar Recaro seats, recently retrimmed with genuine Recaro covers, so they are mint! Rear wiper was removed. Large tacho Boost gauge RZ Passenger footrest is still present Also few other bits I'll discuss with the new owner. Options - I can do a deal with some or all of these parts. Volk SF Challenge (white) Knightsports twin blade wing(black supports with aluminium blades) RZ/RS spoiler(red), originally from my other car Mazdaspeed SP high level rear spoiler Full Blitz Nur Spec, almost new. Removed because of meeing a Garda with overly sensitive hearing. Further options I can source almost anything for the car from Japan for whomever buys it, for zero commission, but only for them and to be used on this car. I also have an Re-Amemiya ast, brand new and a pair of Shine Auto carbon side vents as well as a couple of steering wheels and gearknobs. Bad bits Its not all rosey - there are a few things I need to mention as I don't believe in misleading anyone. Door cards and dash were badly damaged by previous owner trying to fit the cage. However, these can easily be replaced. Carpet was removed, as was almost all of the rear plastics. I can supply a black carpet which I bought for the other car if needed, as well as some of the plastic parts. Cage needs to be fitted properly. Not a big job, but something that would be done if I had driven the car more than once. A raft of additional bars came with it, so its very comprehensive and solid. Or, just remove it Previous owner had a lot of stickers on the car which I didn't like. All came away ok bar one, which lifted a small patch of paint near the rear arch. Car is not registered yet, so no Irish plates. I didn't intend to use it away from track, so it never bothered me. I do have all of the import paperwork however The car had to be moved recently as the roof of the shed was about to cave in. She started fine but the clutch pedal was on the floor. I'll get this sorted I have already been asked for the turbo kit and engine, but would rather not see the car broken for parts. If it doesn't sell as a complete car, then I might be tempted to break it, but it'll be first come, first served, no holding parts for anyone. Price - advertised on FDUK for £15k GBP and have had lots of interest, but when they here it isn't on their street, nevermind country, they loose interest. The only other Esprit tuned FD was up for £28k GBP. I'm not going to dream of expecting anywhere near that. I just ask that nobody takes the piss with any low-ball offers or swaps, its a cash only deal. When someone does actually come to view it, I'll do a cash deal with them in person, not via phone/text/email etc So, if your after a hardcore, well tuned track prepped FD, this is for you. If your after a rare model RX-7, which will without doubt increase in value, I'll supply most of the bits to return the car to standard RZ spec. Sorry I dont have pics here, but I can send via whatsapp 0-8-7- seven four seven -5045 Just a heads up, the price of an RZ in Japan has gone through the roof. You won't get one back here for double what I'm asking
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