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  1. escort outlaw


    Hello is Clifford from Duleek on here ?
  2. escort outlaw

    Spurious brake pads

    Hello, has anyone got a part no and manufacturer for spurious front and rear brake pads for a 95 FD RX7. I presume genuine pads are expensive like all other FD parts. Thanks in advance.
  3. escort outlaw

    Rear Brake Caliper FD

    Hello, drivers side please
  4. escort outlaw

    Rear Brake Caliper FD

    Hello all. I am looking for a rear brake caliper for a FD RX7.
  5. escort outlaw

    Rear Brake Caliper FD

    Hello all. I am looking for a rear brake caliper for a FD RX7.
  6. escort outlaw

    FD Values

    Hello all, Just wondering as to what those in the know would expect FD values to do over the next 3 years or so. Up, down or stay the same.
  7. escort outlaw

    No Keys

    Hello all, Lost the only key I had for my FD. I got a blank from the local Mazda dealer, but they cant seem to get me a key no, probably because its an import. Any ideas how I can get it sorted. Due to the nature of this prob, it may be best to PM me. Thanks in advance.
  8. escort outlaw

    Need more opinions.

    Yep, the expansion tank was full when the test was carried out, and ive never had to top up the coolant level. I've ordered new rad caps. I suppose the next easiest step is to remove the Turbos and get a specialist to check them over.
  9. escort outlaw

    Need more opinions.

    It is a very light blue smoke, not like a real tired piston engine that is burning oil to beat the band. The bit of smoke that comes lasts about 3-4 seconds. I did the champagne test, heres how it went, From stone cold, I put a funnel into the housing which made a good seal, I topped it up with a little with water, to make it easier to spot bubbles. I then ran the car, absolutely no bubbles. I ran the car for a good 20 minutes still no bubbles. I gave the car a good few revs, still no bubbles. The water in the funnel did turn a dirty green to match the coolant which I imagine is normal but defnitley no bubbles at all. Littlefeck where are you based I might take you up on your offer of having a look. As far as I know the car is on standard ECU. The bit of smoke and the fact that I can hear kettling/ boiling from the engine when knocked off worries me.
  10. escort outlaw

    Need more opinions.

    Will do, IL report back tomorrow evening, thanks
  11. escort outlaw

    Need more opinions.

    Well guys rx has loads of power but when warmed up, if revved hard and allowed to idle as the revs are dropping back to idle she smokes heavily, also after a very hard drive when turned off I can hear the engine kettling but she isnt heating up or dumping out coolant yet. I presume I have a sick motor, as the RX7s are new to me would anyone have an idea as to what I might expect if I pull the motor out. Thanks for the help in advance.
  12. escort outlaw

    Flat spot

    She is cured as far as the flat spot is concerned, never got the chance to check her out, but I gave her a rev one day and she spat out some sound deadening material from the exhaust. That exhaust must have been blocking up now because it is defnitley much much quicker through the rev range. However....... After a hard drive, if you give her a good high rev, as the revs are returning to idle she smokes a lot, bluey grey smoke. I take it it is rebuild time, any thoughts guys, ?
  13. escort outlaw

    Flat spot

    Thanks for the info guys, soon as I get a chance I will go through that, and let yas know how I got on.
  14. escort outlaw

    Flat spot

    Hello Im still a newbie to rotary machines, but im enjoying it so far. My Q is as I accelerate in my 95 FD I am not feeling the 2nd turbo kick in. I believe it should lite up at about 4k but if feels a bit dead there. What would be the 1st things to check. Thanks for your help in advance.
  15. escort outlaw

    Can anyone help with this.

    I guess I could get them from a Mazda dealer but I only need one and their expensive little yokes, compared to buying bushes or ball joints for other cars.