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  1. Hi all, i am looking for a 192bhp 4 port engine, preferably a good one for my 8. can anyone help....
  2. Gordon

    04WW in blue

    04ww blue rx8 spotted coming out of the applegreen services on the M1 going to Dublin at around 5.15 today (13/4/16) was it you?
  3. i have, sorry had an appointment at a mazda dealer to get the rf111 form signed.... guess i will cancel it now. well bollox!!!!!
  4. Was it you in Navan in a black RX8 with 07WX reg on Saturday afternoon??
  5. i have 1 maybe for tomorrow, if no one else responds then i am afraid i will have to cancel it, sorry guys
  6. UPDATE we have pushed the start time to 6.30pm, hope that will suit some of you better.... Thanks
  7. Hi All, Sorry to change the date but it has to be Wednesday 15 April 2015, please rsvp so i can let them know numbers, thanks
  8. roughly what time could you make it by? could always pull a little sicky...lol
  9. CLUB DAY TBC will do that today... but we are looking at Wednesday, 22 April 2015 in Summerhill Co.Meath and kickoff for around 5pm. It will start in the Autoglym Distribution Centre first then up to a local pub for a slide show, demo and coffee, biscuits etc... I will need to know how many will attend so they can prep the room for us, so please get your name down ASAP.... Thanks They have done a few of these club chats and have always had a very good feed back from attendees, so don't miss out on this opportunity to make your car a show stopping car... If you have any questions please respond here or pm me... Thanks G.
  10. it can be yes, but i need to know how many want to come along..... so if you're reading this thread and want to learn how to clean your car to it's best then let me know
  11. Hi All, i have some dates for you too choose from for the valeting club talk... they are any Wednesday evening in April (except the first one). Please let me know if you're interested in attending because i need to let them know numbers etc.... Thanks
  12. Was it you driving through Summerhill at a little after 10am on Friday 23/01 in a Black 8????
  13. just came across this, worth a try if you get flooded. Just follow the link.... http://spinage.me.uk/228/starting-mazda-rx-8-with-flooded-engine/
  14. Hi All, you can also ask for a short notice test, you arrive at the test centre and ask if they have any slots available, you might have to wait awhile for it but it can be done.
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