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  1. rotaryitus

    Will Summer 2016 be FC summer??

    Good man, hope all goes well. Let me know if you need any bits.
  2. rotaryitus

    Will Summer 2016 be FC summer??

    I asked my friend in Japan to clear up the different models, here's the reply, The gtr is poverty spec!!lol "GT-LTD SE (special edition)…The first-class grade that was shipped with a real leather sheet, a real leather door lining for the equipment for following GT-LTD. The vehicle weight is the heaviest, too. GT-LTD…It is shipped with a fully automatic air-conditioner, automatic Cruise (to 5F,AT), ABS, a sun roof, a real leather winding steering, a real leather winding shift knob, a real leather winding parking brake lever. GT-X…An aluminum bonnet, the screw refuse LSD equipment. It is shipped with a front lip spoiler, side step, the net plus full Aerosmith specifications such as rear spoilers, a real leather winding steering, a real leather winding shift knob, a real leather winding parking brake lever. GT-R…Low price grade without the special equipment and the exclusive equipment. ɛ̃fini two...Mass production grade changes GT-X to the 2-crew equipped with light weight full bucket seat for 4-crew for lightweighting to a base. The rear seat is removed and switches to an exclusive accessory case. By throwing it away, and footrests being equipped with in kneepad, the seat next to the driver step aluminum wheel and momo made by exclusive BBS by right and left of the step of the driver's seat, and the engine output having changed the middle pipe of the muffler to an exclusive big thing more; than mass production grade 10HP high 215HP. Only in (∞ III, IV, as for ∞, 215HP is 185HP without ∞ grade relations to include for 205HP a mass production in the first half year.) Of the bronze which is lightweight as for all the glass become for exclusive use. (glass blue as for other grade) torr sen LSD, a 4.3 finals gear (acceleration serious consideration.as for other grade 4.1) are ABSless, but is equipped with a reinforcement brakes master back same as grade with the ABS. The body color only as for the shade ..."
  3. rotaryitus

    Will Summer 2016 be FC summer??

    Jdm FC's come in several models - gtx, gtr, gt limited, infini There could be a couple more
  4. rotaryitus

    Will Summer 2016 be FC summer??

    No chance Jamie!!
  5. rotaryitus

    Will Summer 2016 be FC summer??

    I will..............just don't know when!lol 6 years and counting!!
  6. Well rotangs................ as we all know projects can take a lot longer than we expect with all the rest of crap we have to do! What stage are everyone's FC's at? Post some photos....... Does anyone recon they will have theirs back on the road for this summer? I will try and get a couple of things finished on my GTR FC and put through test. As for the blue one............that will take more money! Ross
  7. rotaryitus

    7's Day Backup Plan 2014

    myself and jw-fd will not be able to stay for the jarring on Sunday, it'll be a miracle if I get the white fc finished on time! do you have an address for the location to meet before the drive??
  8. rotaryitus

    my fc3s turboII

    Nice build. I like the coil pack bracket idea. What kind of injectors are you going to run?
  9. rotaryitus

    7's Day Backup Plan 2014

    1.R26B - Ian +1 2. KittyK - Anita +1 3. Kevin +1 4. littlefeck +1 only 1 for karting tho 5. mcon 6. Kenster 7. M-Dizzle 8. Muckwarrior 9. Evo8sti 10. dimrod 11. Chazz 12.snowyrx7+1 13. AndyJF +1 probably only 1 for karting 14. Turbointhebrain 15. JWFD
  10. rotaryitus

    7's Day Backup Plan 2014

    Must get the white fc finished for this
  11. rotaryitus

    Summer Meet 2014 Video

    This is an awesome idea!!
  12. rotaryitus

    Rotary Meet Summer 2014

    1. R26B 2. dmarex 3. kenster 4. fduker 5. muckwarrior 6. mcon 7. littlefeck 8. snowyrx7 9. Gabor tm 10. Chief wiggum 11. Turbointhebrain
  13. rotaryitus

    Release bearing Clip

    It is possible to leave the clutch attached to the engine.
  14. rotaryitus

    Just signed up

    welcome along, where abouts do you hang out in the north?
  15. rotaryitus

    Hello everyone

    welcome to the irish rotary community!