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  1. Jamie, how about a move to phpbb?
  2. Excellent video, I enjoyed watching it, really well done.
  3. Re: A discussion on the Future of Irish Rotary Lifes busy right now and I'm not online all that much. Without further ado, heres what I would like to see happen: I currently own the Irishrotary.com domain name, I would be willing to pass ownership on to someone who has community backing. So far, Jamie appears to have stepped up to the mark in this respect. Next steps: 1. I package up the website and send onto the nominated person, they upload the content to their web hosting environment. 2. The forum is locked down for a couple of days to preserve its content, the database (mySQL) and forum structureis backed up and transferred to the new hosting provider. 3. The DNS name for Irishrotary.com is changed to the IP address of the new hosting provider 4. Irishrotary.com lives again in its current form albeit under new ownership 5. The new owner takes it forward from there.... Jamie, you have pm.
  4. Re: A discussion on the Future of Irish Rotary Been a while since I've been on, so busy with other distractions - one of the main reasons I started this thread! Great comments guys and good feedback, in brief, the following statements are spot on and pretty much reflect where I'm at: I don't have the bandwidth / time / inclination to continue to 'admin' the site (I use the term loosely because theres not much administrative effort, to be fair). So I can do one of 2 things: - leave as is and stop by every so often, no real change - step away and hand over the reigns For the former to work, I need another site admin (not a moderator) who is comfortable with learning web forum config and in the ins and outs of user admin, thread and topic admin and the like (basically, reading a manual). For the latter to work, it needs to be handed off to someone or a group with a vested interest in maintaining the future of a community. Option 1 can happen right away if theres the right level of interest. Option 2 probably needs a bit more effort / coordination Option 3 (and I'm playing devils advocate here) is the site gets locked and used as a reference point, everyone moves over to Facebook. Food for thought....
  5. We're selling the Focus, link below to ad, get in touch if interested: http://cars.donedeal.ie/for-sale/cars/4947012
  6. 05 D silver 8 behind me on the M1 offramp this morning, I was in a silver BMW Z4 coupe, any takers?
  7. I helped set this site up 7 years ago and at one point, I was pretty active in the community. In more recent times, I have been unable to give Irish Rotary the attention it deserves due to various 'offline' commitments. I want to encourage discussion centred around the future of this community, and more importantly, propose that a new person or team of people step in to take over the reigns. While this is a relatively small site, I believe that it could be much more in the hands of a committed and enthusiastic group. To that end, I want to open the discussion up to you - the members - in an effort to generate ideas on how the community should be maintained and developed into the future. My own thoughts on how this might work are: Open it up for discussion Get feedback Pull together a small group / steering committee to review feedback and come up with a future vision and plan Enact the plan There is another alternative: we leave as is. I'll let the discussion run for a couple of weeks and see what comes back.
  8. CJ

    Rotary Image

    Re: Rotary Image What about this? http://www.roadfly.com/features/wp-cont ... utaway.jpg You would need to do some Photoshopping to cut out the background etc.
  9. Re: Rotary Meet Summer 2013 Really great work Ian, this looks like an event not to be missed.
  10. Re: The youtube thread. The Mazda Fanatics' Dream Garage
  11. Re: How much do you pay for RX-8 insurance? @bradster72 - if I were you, I'd think about editing your previous post. If you're saying what I think you're saying then its of no benefit to you to have this info in the public domain.
  12. Re: My FD RX-7 Stolen Very smart indeed Gav. I note its still got the standard exhaust, not many FDs survived with them intact. The only other change I would make to the exterior is to bang in some clear repeaters and spray the rear side reflectors, otherwise its very much to my taste. I assume you don't have it down Barrow Street direction all that much?
  13. Re: Profile page - What you're referring to is the 'Users send e-mail via board' option which is turned off by default. I would rather not have the forum used as an email relay service, if you want to email people then do it direct. Private messaging is how we communicate one-on-one if required, complicating the board configuration with functionality that will likely receive little use if of no benefit in my view. As always, I'm open to debate on changes to the forum, vote away. I take consensus seriously and will act on the wishes of the masses but just remember that we're not running a democracy either...
  14. Re: Profile page - Its not a bug or an issue - its by design. Its possible to enable the option to display everyones email address in the profile section but you won't thank me for it - you'll all end getting a bunch of spam into your inboxs (spambots crawling the site). Its an all or nothing setting and I don't intend turning on at any point.
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