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  1. tommyoreilly

    What Happeded To All the FC Owners?

    Good to see there's still projects going. I'll try get some pictures up myself. I was going build my project for use on the road but decided to just track it. Anybody with any experience with Mondello track days?
  2. tommyoreilly

    What Happeded To All the FC Owners?

    Cheers yasiryassin. Think I might of bought an oil cooler of him ages ago. I wasn't really looking for any parts at the min but if people have some I'd be interested to hear what's out there. Have a lot of spares myself also if anybody looking for parts they can't find. Just was getting a discussion going to see what projects are ongoing.
  3. Hi all, Been ages since on here. Like the new site layout by the way. Hasn't been a thread created in here in ages! Just having a look to see if there is any FC projects on going or the likes? My own FC project came to a halt 2 years ago because life got in the way. Anyways hoping to start it up again. I have a non turbo s4 chassis with a turbo s5 engine in her. I resprayed the car myself to a shiny new blue in which the lacquer reacted on me. I thinking of just tracking her now. Work left to complete is as follows. 1. Fix some rust spots. 2. Buff out reaction on lacquer. 3. Find and fit exhaust. 4. Fix brakes. 5. Find a fit a non-busted suspension. 6. Put most of the car back together after the respray. 7. Fit roll cage. I wanted to get this done for the 3 of march for the open track day in Mondello but no chance in that happening with only one day a week to spare.