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  1. Selling a set of 4 Defi Gauges and Control Pack II. €550 OBO Gauges are: Boost, Oil Pressure, Tachometer, Defi Display Unit. All wiring and holders imcluded. Perfect condition and working order. Free P&P Ireland. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Defi-Gauge-Set-Control-Pack-Boost-Oil-Pressure-Tachometer-/252525616813?
  2. Follow link http://m.ebay.com/itm/Apexi-Power-FC-Commander-99-Spec-FD-RX-7-/252525630812? €600 OBO Power FC & Commander FCC3 in Perfect condition and Perfect working order. FD3S6 UNIT (Series 6) Free P&P in Ireland.
  3. ChriSlash

    The Spec Updated 11/10/16

    Haha She'll be sure to make a bit of noise. Looking forward to hear it purr
  4. ChriSlash

    The Spec Updated 11/10/16

    Here is a spec list of when I bought the engine and a nice few extra goodies Extras that I'm installing. Forge Custom Made V-Mount. Haltech Terminated Loom & ECU. Haltech Digi Dash. AEM Water/Meth Injection. Twin Bosch Fuel Pumps, Swirl Pot & Braided Lines. Aeromotive FPR. IR Performance Polyurethane Engine Mounts. Mocal 19 Row Twin Oil Coolers. GCG Turbo Cover. (BOV Delete, all about the Turbo Flutter) ;P
  5. ChriSlash


    The stock motor below had a few mods to it. V-mount Intercooler, Air filters, Apexi FC, battery relocation. But not much. Proved to be very reliable the whole time I drove it. (Even on a drag racing day in Carlow). She is coming along nicely and should be up and running soon. Almost everything has been upgraded from the fuel system to the ECU, Leads and connectors. With some more mods to be upgraded in due course.
  6. ChriSlash

    Apexi Power Fc & Datalogit

    Cheers. One is for a 99+ FD. The other for a 91-95 model I'm sure. I'll put them on a few sites when I'm selling. Easily shipped especially with the size they are. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  7. I'm just wondering how much these would go for as I'll be selling them soon. They're for an FD. Datalogit comes with CD software and USB Drive too. Also comes with power commander holder too. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  8. Just wondering if anyone has ever installed a set of these headlights on their FD. Thinking of getting a set myself.
  9. ChriSlash

    Power FC

    I'm having a slight dilemma at the moment and I'm looking for peoples opinions on this... I have a Power FC Commander all wired, and attached to a datalogit. The thing is i recently got a high enough powered engine and this came with it all ready to be installed. (I also have another Power FC installed in my current setup) The question is that i want to get an Adaptronic ECU as you can tune 2 maps which would be very handy i think, and i also have AEM Coils with my setup. And there's also many more features on it. Is it worth the hassle of selling the 2 power commanders to make up the price of the Adaptronic ECU? Will there be a major difference with the tune. What would you do personally? I can't make up my mind. Engine will be getting installed in the next fortnight so i have to make a decision soon. Thanks!
  10. ChriSlash

    Fiachras number

    Could someone pm me Fiachra's number cheers
  11. ChriSlash

    20b or 13b REW FD

    I went for the engine anyway. Will be getting shipped from UK this week :-) Also bought the Forge V-Mount with it too. .I'm gonna go with the adaptronic ECU. I've heard great things about it! Not sure if I'll add the ffe trigger yet. I have 2 apexi power commanders so I'll sell them to make up the price. Will be selling my motor and 99 spec turbos including my already installed V-Mount. Hope to get this up and running by next spring. Won't be doing the work myself. But could anyone recommend an installer and a tuner. Am I better off going back to the UK for the tune? Cheers.
  12. ChriSlash

    20b or 13b REW FD

    She will be used for some track and rare street. I got it at a great price, very hard to turn down. Wanted something with plenty of power, and yes I was thinking injectors were a bit outdated also. What system would you recommend instead of the apexi setup?
  13. ChriSlash

    20b or 13b REW FD

    Thanks for all the advice lads! What do you think of this setup? Rebuilt with Atkins Rotary apex seals, side seals and solid corner seals which have all been cryogenically treated. The spec list: 2 rotor 13bREW Custom wiring loom Large Bridge Port on freshly lapped irons Brand New Garrett GTX4294r turbo Custom tubular exhaust manifold 2 x Tial MV-R 44mm water cooled wastegates with choice of springs (2 months old) Custom 4 inch downpipe KG Parts fuel rail 1680cc secondary injectors 550cc and/or Sard 1000cc primary injectors 90mm Rotary Works Throttle Body Greddy Elbow Ported and polished upper inlet manifold Ported and polished lower inlet manifold AEM smart coils and loom Custom HT Leads NGK spark plugs (10's and 11's) Custom oil breather system - extra oil ways fabricated to front timing cover and rear housing. Alluminium pulley kit All hoses top quality silicone or SS braided 3 bar map sensors Apexi Power FC ecu with commander (mapped to 1.4 bar) Datalogit hard wired for live mapping AEM wideband HKS lightened flywheel and twin plate clutch with spare clutch plates Mocal oil catch tank Apexi AVCR black Modified powersteering pump bracket (sits lower on engine) Forge Motorsport expansion tank Minotaur Racing oil fill tank. Pipercross air filter Turbosmart dump valve Braided oil feed and drain Braided vacuum lines on wastegates. Engine comes with all ancillaries, belts, power steering pump, water pump etc etc
  14. ChriSlash

    20b or 13b REW FD

    Cheers man, yeh money is no object anyway was just wandering a few things. Seen there was a Mazda Cosmo for sale in Cork so was thinking of doing the whole lot to the car then My 13b is in need of a rebuild soon anyway so will be doing that before the single turbo conversion. One more question...Out of peoples opinions what would they do with a spare 10-15k for performance? stick 13b and push it or go 20b na with Bridgeport, then turbo it later on? Just curious.
  15. Hey Guys, So I just wanted to ask a few questions about converting my FD to a 20b or to stick with the 13b REW motor and tune that instead. Don't know if anyone has much experience in the swap but any help is appreciated. Would the 20b be more reliable at similar power outputs e.g 500whp as the 13b, obviously going the single turbo route? Would there be a massive price difference too, perhaps 5-8k? How many other parts would need changing considering the conversion, and would it be best to buy the whole Mazda Cosmo car itself as opposed to the engine, loom etc seperately. Cheers lads, any advice would be very helpful.