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  1. ozy

    Name: Ozy, Car: RX7, socks: Purple

    Ok. After talking to jayom on facebook, I'm gonna reintroduce myself here. I'm moving back to ireland and want to take the rx7 with me. Any thoughts on best insurers for a jap import, 2000 year, twin turbo? Also, does anyone know about transferring no claims bonus from oz?
  2. ozy

    Name: Ozy, Car: RX7, socks: Purple

    Wow, thanks for the replies. I didn't think anyone had. The electrical gremlin is, for the moment, solved. After the engine cut off last time (in the pissing rain in Sydney rush hour), I took it to an auto electrician. After a few hours, he called me and said that moisture got into the ECU and this was affecting the spark. I'm a bit perplexed to this moisture issue as this electrical fault has raised its head whether it was dry / wet or garaged / outside. Anyway, apparently fixed now. RX7s are mad money, but so are most sports cars.RX7s are regularly in the $20,000 - $24,000 price range here, so that's approximately E14,000. My car isn't as clean as I had thought when bought. She had a light smack to the front at one stage, so that explains the new, non factory front wings and the paint is starting to bubble on the bonnet showing the original red underneath. It must have been a pretty light smack as there doesn't seem to be any sign of damage in the engine bay, but I wouldn't know what I'm looking at. Well, thanks again for the welcomes, I promise to post more here!
  3. Hello to one and all. I saw a video posted on Backroads.ie of a rotary meet and the youtube video had a link to here. The little hamsters in my head started to run, a spark was created and it dawned on me, I have an RX7, these are my people, I must congregate. I am currently in Australia, nearest city is Sydney. I live in a town called Orange (yes, after King Billy) but travel to Sydney most weekends. I only bought my RX7 as a means to do the 3 hour trip every weekend to see my woman. Luckily, the trip goes over some nice twisty roads in the blue mountains and I have truly fallen in love with the car, despite the ongoing electrical gremlin. When I am in Ireland, I have an old Datsun Fairlady Z (1978) and use it for ice cream trips into town. I do like ice cream.