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  1. Owenk

    Bad shudder on take off

    Hi Doobert Did you manager to find the problem in the end? I’m having something similar at the moment but only after a long drive.
  2. Just got the recent recall done. Software update, new fuel tank and front ball joints on the lower control arms. Trying to get my vin to work on the recall checker for the official list but yea pretty big recal.
  3. Owenk

    Two Rx8’s out my window

    You betcha proper stalker pics
  4. Owenk

    Two Rx8’s out my window

    Yep two of em here in stepaside mine and a black one both visible from my window happy days the silver one is mine
  5. Owenk

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Very happy with myself Mazda giving me the run around for the oil line fix so got pirtek in Dublin to make me a new oil line for 60 Euro and fitted it myself very happy, had to deflood the engine too after installing cos I moved car juring the week like an eejit but deflood and no oil leaks happy days. Now to pass the nct bastards. Satisfaction is massive. Thanks to mad fox guys in Galway for this vid
  6. Owenk

    Annual Irish Rotary get together 2017

    Sorry lads you'll have to count me out I got struck by a christening damn Sunday malarkey.
  7. Owenk

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Changed my rear suspension after a bit of back and forth to say the least. Sorted now phew
  8. Owenk

    Annual Irish Rotary get together 2017

    Hi guys please put my name down too @Panda @Rex Ruthor static for me unfortunately, that might change when I know more
  9. Hi All so I though I was being good in changing my own spring in the rear suspension. I got far enough, the old spring is out, that all went well. The problem is putting the shock together, in an online video once the bump stop and rubber bushing is placed on the top of the shock there is some threads popping through the top so when you put the shock and spring back in the car there is some thred popping up to bolt it to the shock mount. On my shock (oem) 2004 Rx8 once the bump stop and rubber bushing is on there is no thread coming through so I can't get it back in the car. I'm also baffled as the where the space sleeve has gone, it just vanished. Anyway looking online at other examples I've seen some videos of guys having to compress the rubber bushings before putting the spring back. Anyway if anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the direction of a new sleeve please let me know as the car is on stands until I can get this back on.
  10. I'll be using this video and the PDF well handy
  11. Hi the rears would be good for me if their still going? really shocks and springs is all I need I can canobolise the older ones? Brilliant
  12. Got quoted 1267 for the renewal with 123.ie this year almost a 500 euro increase. Managed to get insurance with its 4 women .ie fully comp for 800 and I'm a bloke SOLD
  13. Owenk

    Side sill rust help

    Hi Jp Yea that was me in the silver one. It wasn't clean unfortunately but was ok that was the Limerick C&C. Now onto the rest of the to do list there is always something. O
  14. Owenk

    Side sill rust help

    Hi lads So ended up going with: http://www.stewartscrashrepair.ie/ They were excellent the work was superb you would never know it was done looks perfect. Ended up being 600 after a quote of 450 but the rust had gotten to the jack poin and up the wheel arch. All new metal they even gave me pics of the work to show the nct if they asked.