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  1. stephen10

    Rx8 decat wanted

    So yous reckon just bang the cat out.what sort of price is it to get a map done ?
  2. stephen10

    Rx8 decat wanted

    do I need the cat for the nct ?
  3. stephen10

    Rx8 decat wanted

    As above looking for a used decat any for sale ?
  4. Looking for a drivers side mat with red Stiching also need a p/f headlight auto height sensor ? Anyone able to help closer to dublin the better
  5. stephen10

    What oils to use

    Thanks for advice
  6. Just wondering what's the best engine oil to use in a 2005 rx8 ? Also what box oil and diff oil ?
  7. stephen10

    rx8 for sale

    heres a donedeal link http://cars.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/mazda-rx8/6132957
  8. stephen10

    new to this site and to rotary engines

    thanks aido.i will get pics up asap
  9. stephen10


    how much you looking man ?
  10. i just bought my first 03 rx8 and i love it, what precations should i take owning 1 ?