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  1. bigboss1986

    New 8 owner in Galway

    Im from Galway.Had rx8 for 2 years if u want I can run diagnostic free of charge
  2. bigboss1986

    DoneDeal and other classifieds thread.

    Yep she was for sale year ago for 4500 with roof damaged.
  3. bigboss1986

    DoneDeal and other classifieds thread.

    09 rx back on DD again.Looks like dealer is selling this car and roof is fixed.3 months ago car was 4950€ from lad in Dublin.Now 7250€ : http://cars.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/mazda-rx8-rx-8-40th-anniversary-le/9779376?offset=2 Didnt mention 2350€ tax :D
  4. bigboss1986

    The end has come for 1.3 taxed rotaries!!

    FFS!!!Just had phone call from lad who bought my car.He couldnt tax her as 1.3!!!!!!!Only as 1744cc....I just checked on motor tax website where u put reg nr to check how much is the tax and it came out as 636 for year.Well he wasnt happy.......
  5. bigboss1986

    Engine's performance when hot

    Coils are dying.In heavy traffic engine gets very hot( hotter than piston V8) and if the coil is fecked doesnt create enough spark .White spot means spark is ''missing'' its target wich is---->>>>> lead to plug. Time for new d585 with lifetime warranty
  6. bigboss1986

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    When u connect harness adapter to the loom make sure to remove plate above alternator (big yoke for engine removal u dont need until rebuild) then u can be sure non of the cables got damaged.I made that mistake and flooded her twice+big misifre.That place is tight like..Let say is tight
  7. bigboss1986

    DoneDeal and other classifieds thread.

    Good luck with these results...Probably not even done with proper rotary tester.50k miles and nearly perfect results
  8. bigboss1986

    eddie doyle

    Tell ur Mazda dealer feck off I had toyo decat on mine for 110E delivered,no hassle with nct
  9. bigboss1986

    DoneDeal and other classifieds thread.

    My one was sold in 24h.Still missing her
  10. bigboss1986

    Now available in Northern Ireland...

    Welcome SpinDoctor!! BTW: Well I have wife's civic type S since I sold rex... and thats worse than diesel
  11. bigboss1986

    BigBoss's car for sale !!

    SOLD to 1st viewer
  12. bigboss1986

    Hunting idle and stalling

    Dont use redex!!!Will kill your seals!!!You can use cataclean even if u have decat.
  13. bigboss1986

    BigBoss's car for sale !!

    SOLD!!!!!!! She is back on the market guys. 3350 € ONO http://cars.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/2004-mazda-rx8-1-3-tax-big-spec-nct-2016/9197274 Hi.I have for sale 6 speed 230BHP 2004 RX8 Fresh NCT 01-01-2016 tax 1.3 (385€) Full service history and lots of receipts 4 keys Spec: Comp. tested with rotary tester with good results and printout Starts hot and cold Black mat roof New Exedy clutch fitted New gearbox oil and diff oil 15W40 MINERAL oil every 4000km Petrol premixed with Castrol 2T REMEDY high flow water pump Refurbished engine mounts(grade 60A) New oil cooler hoses Uprated starter 2KV Powerflex front and rear antirollbar polybushes Genuine mazda coils,Magnecor KV85 leads Full Toyo exhaust with Decat New ECU update done(no more flooding!!) Oil catch tank Rear tyres brand new 235/40 Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta RSpec oil press. and oil temp guages Custom made ashtray guage pod Brand new RED Stuff EBC pads all round Mileage is 120000km/75000miles + Usual rx8 extras: Leather seat,A/C,Bose sound etc
  14. I have for sale like new set of D585 accel coils+bracket in red from RR+Set of Blue genuine Magnecors for D585 coils. Set comes without harness adapter bacause mine is not good anymore. It is ready set just need harness. 250 ono